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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. Thanks all for your replies and helpful advice - I am going Mac / Logic for now based on the general consensus and wider reading thanks again !
  4. thanks for this - a lot of sense in these - I am gravitating to toughing it out with the general Mac nav and going the Logic Pro X route as I am familiar with the general way of workflowing that - its not as expensive as I thought either ! thanks all !
  5. I only use a Mac for this purpose and find them less easy to generally navigate than a PC finding files and programmes etc
  6. Thanks for taking the time to reply folks - so .... to clarify.... I feel I need to learn a daw that’s more professionally recognised/ featured than GarageBand but don’t like using Macs - the logical transfer of my GarageBand knowledge would be Logic Pro x but that’s only Mac based - so in the ideal world looking for a Windows based daw with a huge array of amps and instruments and musician centric -hope that makes sense - thanks!
  7. hi - It doesn't have as many sounds / virtual amps etc but other than that its a fair point ! I just think I want to spend some time getting to know an industry standard DAW as when I collaborate GB is perceived as a bit of a toy?
  8. I did that too had a top notch partscaster made from mostly Fender USA parts (apart from the Gibson knobs) and top pick ups - NR has got to be one of the most prolific and talented musicians, writer, producer of the century! The Hitmaker has spawned $millions of music !!! you can see mine on the profile pic
  9. Hi - I have grown out of Garageband (although I think the quality is amazing - here is a track I have written and played on - not me singing though https://emastered.com/profile/CharlieBrowne/track/1618264584-h8GtIjW) and I am not sure where to go next in terms of a DAW - Logic pro is the obvious contender but doesn't allow me to say goodbye to the Mac which I cant get along with and I have soooo tried. I'm not a technical obsessive and wont be sitting there for months trying to master every feature but want a great quality sound and able to select lots of instruments and amps from the DAW. What say you all from your experience (Ableton, Pro tools etc) ? I am a musician more than a technician if that helps. Thank you for reading / replying
  10. hey - is this a very heavy bass ? thanks
  11. If whoever owns this bass or its twin wants to sell it let me know lol
  12. I am a guitarist that occasionally fills in when the bassist is away but not sufficiently often to warrant keeping several bass amps - hence for sale Sounds great and looks particularly cool - has wheels and handles to save your back and a solid grille - punchy and growly if needed with a heap of options for tone Original purchase price was around the £500 mark and there is some tech spec here https://support.fender.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002396326-WorkingPro-1x15-Fact-Sheet Obv its a collect only job due to weight and size Would also trade for a Sire JB or similar value for money Jazzer for those times when I stand on the stage with 2 strings less than I am used to
  13. Hi do you still have this and does it have a gig bag or case thanks
  14. [ Hi all Lots of requests via PM and on here for a price and whereabouts in the world I am so........ I am in North East Lincolnshire not a million miles away from Grimsby so can get to various service stations in Doncaster Leeds Sheffield Hull and so forth with ease Price wise I am thinking of pitching at £799 and see where we go from there - new Shukers in this style are between £1400-£1600 and there is one on the site at present for £2500 I may just may consider a 6 string trade but it would have to be a nice one and a good deal as I need some cash out of the deal or there is no point selling it!
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