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  1. Rhinestone Cowboy ~ Glen Campbell
  2. Ma, He's Mekong Eyes At Me ~ Lena Zambezi Went to bed 3+ hours ago, just woke up to see the same theme here. Simultaneously impressive and tragic.
  3. Severn Nation Army ~ White Tripe
  4. Attack Ships On Fire ~ RevCo (and Roy Batty of course 💓)
  5. You Hansom Devil ~ The Schmidts
  6. That colour is just gorgeous. Tastiest Stingray up here for quite a while. GLWTS (if it hasn't already sailed 😉)
  7. Single Ladies (Put a Wring On It) ~ Beyoncé
  8. Might as well get this over with before some other poor bugger feels the need ~ keyboards & ambience by Brian Emo? I believe this is where I apologise and mention putting my jacket on 🙇🏼‍♂️
  9. I think my old dad had some albums by Handforth Dean in the '60's. Toured with Val Doonican and Roger Whittaker IIRC, major inspiration for Mulligan and O'Hare.
  10. Jesus Christ Paws ~ Soundgarden
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