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  1. Yes that has puzzled me too as Laney is one of the brands that has consistently been producing bass gear for as long as I can remember (30 years or so), while other names come and go and fall in and out of fashion. They must have been doing something right to still be here.
  2. Apologies for the long post but a little story in recognition of a good gear experience. TLDR: Faulty Speaker replaced, excellent customer service in doing so, one very satisfied customer!: So a few months ago I bought my first 'real' rig. Up till this year I've been using various combos as I've never had the need or ambition for more but I've got a new itch to join a band so I thought I'd get myself a capable head & cab. After much research & consideration I plump for the Laney Nexus SLS head, with the R210 cab (might do a separate NAD post on this if anyone's interested, or even if not). Pleased as punch with this combination, looks great, all the bells and whistles, loads of power, lightweight and doesn't break the budget. Until... Farting noises. Not from me for a change, but coming from the amp while I'm playing. Like most of us when something appears to be wrong with an expensive purchase, I try to ignore it. Convince myself it isn't there. It's not that bad. Isn't it? Yes it is quite bad. I can't ignore it. It is definitely not supposed to sound like that. That is not the sound of a preamp tube, or the tweeter. It sounds like my signal is being fed through a very quiet fuzz pedal alongside my clean signal. But I don't have a fuzz pedal, and if I did, what would be the point of playing one quietly? So I try to eliminate the possible sources of the noise: effects pedals, leads, speaker cables etc. I narrow it down to the cab, or the amp. My first instinct is to contact the retailer, but both items were bought online from foreign based retailers (because apparently its cheaper to ship Laney gear to mainland Europe and back to a UK consumer than to buy from a UK dealer - who knew). So returning would be tricky. So to avoid the tricky conversation with a non-English speaking retailer I contact Laney. I don't know about anyone else but I have had distinctly mixed results contacting companies through websites so I wasn't expecting much from the technical query contact form on their website. But I described the problem and my attempts so far to identify and solve it, not hoping for much, but who knows, its worth a try. Anyway, I receive a reply within a day, asking further questions and suggesting other ways to investigate. A series of messages follows, checking one thing then another, and we locate the fuzz in one of the speakers. Via email I confirm that I'd bought the cab this year, and before I knew it a replacement speaker was on its way. Received within 1 more day, fitted to the cab, and problem solved from inital contact to satisfied customer in less than a week, and without a penny spent. So I am very grateful to Laney, who although I am a mostly bedroom bass playing nobody they didn't have to keep happy, and although they of course should rectify build faults in their products, they have got one very happy customer who took a gamble on their gear and has now become a fan of the company. Much appreciation for excellent service (especially Pete in the Service Department) and a further glow because its a British company who I think are making some genuinely innovative and standout products, both for guitar and bass.
  3. I've not played the head, but I have the 210 cab. Seems reasonably capable although I don't have much to compare it to. I think both the Laney 410 and the 115 will stack with the 210 (not the Nexus ones, Laney's cheaper ones), or you can buy another 210 (only £201 at Muziker) to make a vertical 410.
  4. I'd second the alternative suggestion - black. Both Pearl and Tort plates look best imo where their textures are the most eye-catching features, so ideally against block colours or natural finishes rather than sunburst. For me tort on sunburst has too much going on. keep it black for a modern aggressive look. I appreciate I'm in the minority but I've always been a "no sauce at all" type fella.
  5. In my experience it works perfectly well, if anything the signal needs to be attenuated a bit (but that might just be my sh!tty headphones).
  6. Thanks. Edited. To save you re-reading I'm in Bracknell, Berkshire.
  7. Fender Modern Player Jazz bass 5 in satin black. Capable of a powerful and modern sound from the two splittable passive humbuckers. Very versatile, going from a trad jazz sound to much more aggressive. Bought from Basschat about a year ago. Its in very decent condition with only a few small dents in the body, nothing worse than cosmetic. I can also include a gig bag as part of the deal if desired. I'd prefer to hand it over in person, but can consider posting with a reputable courier. You're welcome to visit and play. ETA: I'm based in Bracknell, Berkshire. Let me know if you have any other questions. Specs: Body & Bridge: Body Material: Alder Body Shape: Jazz Finish: Satin Black Neck & Fingerboard: Neck Material: Maple Neck Shape: "C" Shape Fingerboard: Rosewood Frets: 20 Jumbo Radius: 9.5" (241mm) Scale Length: 34" (864mm) Electronics & Hardware: Neck Pickup: Modern Player Jazz Bass Humbucker Bridge Pickup: Modern Player Jazz Bass Humbucker Pickup Configuration: H/H Pickup Switching: 4 Position Rotary Dial : Position 1: Middle and Bridge Pickups Position 2: Middle Pickup and Bridge Outer Coil Position 3: Bridge Pickup and Middle Outer Coil Position 4: Bridge Outer Coil and Middle Outer Coil Hardware: Chrome
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