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Status Updates posted by WalMan

  1. Very odd!! Just went to put a new set of Elixir Long scale strings on my Status S2 (headed) and the taper on the B starts before the nut rather than after. Never had that before and checking  the B on another set  that I have the taper starts within a few mm's on both sets.


    If I cannot work this out it looks like I shall have a load of brand new Elixir 45-130 long scale strings I had for stock to move on :( 

  2. Busy week coming up:

    - brush up on songs for deps 1 & 2

    - rehearsal with main band

    - brush up on songs for dep 1

    - rehearse with dep 1

    - brush up on songs for dep 2

    - gig with dep 2

    Relax 🤪

  3. This year's band Christmas song and video in the can and ready to go. 
    Not entirely in character with our usual style but has elements...and it's for Christmas, soooo :) 

    1. Lozz196


      I think it sounds good, I got sent the link via Bandcamp (I think)

  4. Thought about posting some clips from Sunday afternoon's bash running through songs from 40 years ago with my first band as it felt good in the room, but maybe I'll pass as some of the Vox (well most of them) are pretty painful. So other than chopping out clips of just the band perhaps not :D 


  5. Brilliant customer service from Darkglass 🤩

    Picked up a Microtubes 500 in a no recourse auction and it went pop the second time I used it.

    Emailed Darkglass for a UK service centre and they said “send it back to us and we’ll fix it”…which they have. Marvellous 😁

  6. The UPS nightmare is over ... for now anyway.
    Returning an amp to Darkglass for repair and it's been doing the hokeycokey at Stanstead UPS/Customs warehouse for the last week. But after numerous phone calls it has made it back to Finland.
    Calls went along the lines of  
    UPS: You haven't included the Customs form
    Me: Yes I have it's with he address label, and I've emailed it to you.
    UPS: OK we've got it
    Tracking showed it cleared then back on hold with exceptions. FFS!!!

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    2. WalMan


      Darkglass arranged it, and we got there in the end, but for a week it was touch & go. I almost said to the Newhaven depot "hold on and I'll drive more copies down to you" as they are only a few miles along the coast.


      The classic with the call on Thursday was them saying they'd been emailing me since Monday to resolve it, so I asked the email address they'd used and it meant absolutely nothing to me. Gave them the right email and did get an update there, but they somehow managed to send it first to a gmail account I have, just for my private phone that I rarely use and don't monitor the email account (because I never use it) :dash1:


      My next worry will be when Darkglass ship it back and what sort of a mess we'll have getting it back through Customs - particularly as I got the amp in an auction that appeared to be a lot entered by UPS for an item they had had sat uncollected or paid for in customs since last April. It shouldn't be a problem this time as an out for, and back in after repair, but I shall be monitoring it like a hawk!

    3. TheGreek


      I know a drummer who's a manager at UPS - he's reticent about the service we receive. I once had a bass stuck in their system and asked if he could help - he made it clear it was well out of his hands.

    4. WalMan


      They certainly made a meal of the outgoing trip. Fingers crossed for the return!!

  7. OOPS! I appear to have acquired another amp in an auction

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    2. WalMan


      A Darkglass Microtubes 500 v2.If it's OK a great price sold as seen in an auction, if it's not, well I may have pee'd my cash up the wall but it may still be worth it to repair.


      Courier due to deliver on Monday so we're currently at fingers crossed :scratch_one-s_head:

    3. WalMan


      Well it's arrived. Looks like it's just been sat in a UPS depot waiting for the import duty to be paid. Seems fine. Fires up and everything seems to work, so result! 😁

    4. WalMan
  8. Cheesy Christmas single and silly video ready to roll next Thursday (too early? It'll be December after all.


    Really not our usual style but I think it sounds good & catchy :) 

  9. Tonight I have been mostlyrecording BV's for the band Christmas song :D 

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