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  1. Fantastic bass,you can save a couple of hundred buying used though.
  2. [quote name='Shockwave' timestamp='1319884760' post='1419641'] I got a lovely pink/maple westfield P. £60 shipped and its brilliant for the money! My most used bass at the moment (Though not at gigs) [/quote] I got given one of these..........it's now black pickup is a bit naff though.
  3. Bought a neck from Paul,well packed and quick to post. Thanks Paul.
  4. bump for belated adding of pics.
  5. sold Tom a G&L bass,deal went as smooth as a very smooth thing. top fella Tom. all the best Denver.
  6. [quote name='Alanbass' post='1161123' date='Mar 13 2011, 10:05 PM']hi is the EBS multi comp still for sale? Thanks[/quote] Yes.
  7. have a beauty of an L2000 here,bass is as new condition. swamp ash body with carved flamed maple cap,vintage tint neck and the usual L2k electronics. strung with new rotosound flats. will supply with hardcase for shipping. would like to get £420 for it shipped within UK and Ireland.sorry no trades on this one. thanks for looking. [url="http://www.glguitars.com/instruments/TributeSeries/basses/L-2000_Carved_Top/index.asp"]http://www.glguitars.com/instruments/Tribu...d_Top/index.asp[/url] [attachment=74618:DSC00043.JPG] [attachment=74619:DSC00044.JPG]
  8. Tommy bought my Bongo 5,an easier deal i couldn't have wished for,great chap. Thanks Tommy
  9. [quote name='timo' post='1152783' date='Mar 7 2011, 06:37 PM']Wow. I need this in my life. PM'd![/quote] sorry Tim it's gone.
  10. bumping for price drop. £70 posted within UK.
  11. guys i have strong interest from a few chaps on the continent but having priced to get it shipped from ulster and paperwork the shippers want i'm going to have to keep this UK and Ireland only. really sorry about this lads.
  12. [quote name='colin100' post='1151096' date='Mar 6 2011, 02:04 AM']Have you got a scratch plate for that beauty?[/quote] i spoke to the guy i got it from,he thinks he has it somewhere,if it turns up i'll pop it in the post to whoever buys the bass. to answer a question i got in pm,the chips around the neck pocket only came to light when my friend bought the bass from ebay a few years back and removed the pickguard.the bass has been gigged for a couple of years now with no playability issues at all.it's got a great neck with a nice low action. i traded him it for an amp and cabs,£650 is what i valued the gear at so that's what i'm selling for.unfortunately at the moment i need a tele or strat guitar more than i need a 5 string bass so it's gotta go. it's a hell of a bass for the money guys.
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