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Basschat podcast: Pilot

This announcement is no longer active


Message from @Akio Dāku :


Alright folks! After the great response we got from the podcast thread I started earlier this month (June), @SpondonBassed, @Sibob and I busied ourselves making the pilot episode a reality. @SpondonBassed travelled 2 hours via train to meet me in the the beautiful shire of Lancs to record this fledgling episode and we spent a sunny afternoon chatting about our collective obsession for your listening pleasure. Also the amazing @Chownybass kindly donated his time to join us over video chat for a wonderful interview. This pilot episode's ended up coming in about about 2 hours listening time, which I know was a concern for a few but this is still just the pilot, so now we're officially opening the floodgates to your feedback. What do you think of the format? Is it too long, too short, just right? We're hoping to do more of these and really make it something that the whole forum can benefit from. So if you have any thoughts/ideas or would like to get involved in anyway please share that here. We're not committing to anything like a release scheduled quite yet, first off we just want to see what you all reckon. So without further ado, it's my honour to present to you the pilot episode of the BassChat Podcast;

Thank you to everyone for your enthusiasm and to everyone involved for making this happen. 

Much love and happy listening,

@Akio Dāku


Podcast thread: