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Warm Audio Mutation Phasor II


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Always been an envelope filter fan but since coming across the Aguilar Grape Phaser it's been my effect of choice when getting funky in preference to my collection of EF pedals. So I was quite keen when Warm Audio announced they were releasing an accurate reproduction of the Mu-tron phasor II... and here it is. 

Shimmering, fast rate, phaser sounds are great for psychedelic guitar but for bass my preference is a slow rate with high feedback. And as the manual states, the feedback control is particularly effective with slow rates. For the audio clips I've tried to match the rate and feedback as a comparison between the Warm Audio and Aguilar but the Mutation also has a depth control (lacking on the Aguilar), which I've set to preference. 

To my ears, the WA is warmer (bassier) and smoother (less harsh), whereas the Aguilar has more mids and treble, and more of a swirly, squelchy, sound. The WA seems less extreme (for the slow rates at which I'd use it) than the Aguilar, although with the depth wide open it does approach the Aguilar but I think it's at its best at less extreme settings. But my fav sound is both used in series! Very squelchy and swirly but not much shimmer. Very funky.

Interested to see what others think to the clips. 

Reverb is courtesy of a HoF, and an Aguilar TLC is first in chain. The bass used is a Squier Jazz fretless with Galli Synthesis flat strings. Settings for the WA as per picture, Aguilar is set 12 o'clock rate, 2 o'clock color (feedback).

PS the Mutation is not a small pedal, about twice the size of the Aguilar, so will take up some board real estate. Seems very well made though.

Clip 1; straight

Clip 2; Warm Audio

Clip 3; Aguilar

Clip 4; Warm Audio plus Aguilar






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Nice one. the Aguilar is probably my favourite Phaser that I've used but I think I prefer the sound of the Warm Audio in your clips, like you say - a bit warmer and smoother. ...but then again, playing live with a band and through an amp/cab perhaps suits a slightly harsher sound to be heard.


And at least brand new, the Warm Audio is quite a bit cheaper at about £140 vs the new shape Grape Phaser is about £240 (although there is an older shape one for sale here for £95 which I'm also tempted with).


Both are tempting, I do have a multi-fx that has a decent Phaser but I like the simplicity of 'stomp on Phaser switch for Phaser' rather than mucking scrolling through presets (and hoping I remembered to keep all the other parameters like EQ and Drive and Amp sim the same as the previous preset). Of course, this is a slippery slope to getting a board full of individual pedals again!

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