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Keys Player Wanted for Cardiff Based 60s and 70s Rock, Soul and R&B Band


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Hi all,


I play bass in Fortunate Sons, an established band gigging in the Cardiff area and playing a mix of predominantly 60s and 70s rock, soul and r&b - think Rolling Stones, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Wilson Picket, etc.


Sadly our existing keys player has decided to retire from gigging so we’re looking for a replacement.


Apart from the obvious piano and organ parts we need horn parts for a number of the soul tunes, so you’ll need to be comfortable taking those parts as well as having kit that can handle the sounds.


We play things our way, rather than trying to emulate recordings, so we won’t be giving you a bunch of written out parts to learn, and apart from those “must have” signature parts of songs we’d rather you brought your own ideas.


Great backing vocals would be a huge plus.


We’re all quite busy people and do this for fun rather than income.  We aim to gig no more than twice a month, and probably average no more than 20 gigs a year.  We’re a pub/club band and aren’t really interested in private functions.  We don’t have a rehearsal regime set in stone, and tend to rehearse more frequently when we want to add new songs, and less when we have a solid run of gigs.


We don’t care about age, gender, etc., we just need you to enjoy playing the music we do, and show the relatively small amount of commitment we’re asking.


If you think you have something to offer us, or know someone that does, then we’d love to hear from you.







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