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  1. I've had a quick look around and every place other than kennysmusic has this as a 38.1mm nut. Similar to my previous post, I hope that's the case because I quite fancy one of these but I'd want it to be a Jazz width nut. I've been quite concerned for my sanity recently because I've been unusually GAS free, but it seems that order is being restored!
  2. I'd suggest they're actually the same size and it's just that (1) the photo on the left is a bit clearer, (2) the pickups are angled a bit so that you can see the side of the casing? The photo of the squier is less clear and I'd guess the pickups are set flatter. It could also be that the Squier was photographed further away, which would mean that less of the side of the pickup casing would be visible. All this conjecture is because I quite fancy giving the Squier a go, but I'd probably want to put a pearloid scratchplate on it!
  3. Me too - I currently use Amplitube v3 on my Mac, but every time I start it now I get a message telling me that it won't be compatible with the next version of OS-X, so Helix Native is a tempting alternative. Am I right in thinking that Native is a plugin only, so I'll need a host of some sort? I do have Logic but perhaps Mainstage might be a better option, unless there's other stuff around that fits the bill? Also, for anyone who has both, is there a simple way of syncing patches between Native and HX Stomp (or any Helix for that matter) or is it a case of storing patches and importing them into the device?
  4. Stage left for me too almost always, mainly because I once read that the bass should be on the same side as the drummer's hi-hat to aid hearing it for timing, and I was young and impressionable. Okay, maybe not young... I did swap to the right on the one gig we did without our keyboard player and didn't find it any problem, though. With regard to keyboard players straying into our sonic space, I did have this problem once. I addressed it by (1) asking him nicely keep his left hand under control, and (2) setting up a high pass filter on his PA channel to take a lot of the low frequencies out. I think (2) was more effective!
  5. Fatos bought my TC Flashback pedal. Really easy transaction, despite Royal Mail refusing to accept my prepaid Tracked 24 postage and slapping a returns service label on it?!
  6. I’m sorry, run that one by me again - you can have something other than tort with a sunburst Jazz?!
  7. A possible alternative if you’re not expecting to leave the bass in the car for too long would be one with split folding rear seats and privacy glass in the back. It won’t stop someone looking in if they’re determined, but it’s surprising how difficult it is to see anything in the back in most circumstances.
  8. I'll jump in, as I have on some similar threads. I'm a relatively recent convert to ACS Pro 17's, and I also have a set of 26 filters. Personally the difference between the moulded and generic plugs is massive for me, with the Pro 17s really feeling like just turning the volume down. I use them every time I play, and also in the audience at gigs, and I can honestly say I've never felt any isolation or disconnection - quite the opposite in fact, because I feel I can hear everything more clearly. It's increased my enjoyment of going to gigs quite a lot as it clears up some of the general swampiness you often get. On occasions when we're playing in a pretty confined area and I'm near the drummer I find by the end of the gig I'm feeling that I need a bit more attenuation, hence buying the 26 filters. The only problem with that is that they're a bit fiddly to change so I only really use them if I know in advance that I'll be in that sort of situation. I'm seriously thinking of buying another set of the plugs, though, just so that I have the option of swapping quickly if I need. I'd say don't hesitate, go for it. Just make sure that your ears are really free from wax before getting the impressions done (I went for microsuction a few days before getting mine) and think about whether you need a mouth open impression if you sing.
  9. There's a software serial library you can use to give yourself another serial interface on pins of your choice.
  10. I have the 17s and have no trouble hearing my band mates. In fact I can hear them a lot better than our drummer, who has never used hearing protection and consequently can’t hear a thing 🤦‍♂️ Personally I feel that the flatter response of the 17s makes them the right choice for most situations, but I have also bought some 26 filters for those occasions where I know I’m going to be standing pretty close to the drums.
  11. I posted quite early on in this thread saying I thought it was a bit of a pain but you can check prices online with a smartphone, and they advertise that they’ll price match, etc. Having been in a few times for a browse recently, on the lookout for a new bass but not in any hurry, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a complete pain in the backside and it’s really put me off bothering. If you’re after something specific and can recognise it then that’s fine, but I really can’t be bothered to keep asking about stuff that looks interesting but I don’t know exactly what it is.
  12. Either you’re on a multi-band gig, or your guitarists have each brought at least three amps and your drummer has forgotten to change his scrim. Mind you, going by our guitarist and drummer that’s probably quite possible 😁
  13. We use a 2m x 2m roller banner behind the drummer. It’s a bit unwieldy to carry, takes 2 people to set up (though it is quick to do), looks huge when you’ve just set it up but a bit underwhelming when the drummer and his kit are in front of it. If I were to do it again I’d go for the two narrower ones that several people in this thread have done. My gut feel is that a reasonable weight vinyl would probably hang okay and not move too much, but then my gut feel has been proven wrong many times in the past😁
  14. I had a similar thought. I think most printers that do vinyl banners will do something small enough, so you just need to work out how to attach them. I thought perhaps self adhesive Velcro, or maybe a bungee cord stretched around the base of the cab. i was thinking of putting a QR code for our band Facebook page in the corner - easy for punters to snap with their phones if they’re interested in you.
  15. When you hear so much about smaller music venues struggling for various reasons it's nice to come across something like this - only a proposal at the moment, but looks promising: https://clwb.net/public-consultation/?utm_source=Cylchlythyr+Clwb+%2F+Clwb's+Newsletter&utm_campaign=d7f1fb5d3d-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_09_04_09_10_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_40bd9cbefa-d7f1fb5d3d-108273777
  16. I’ve always had better results with desoldering braid than a pump. Might be worth you giving some a try.
  17. Definitely one for making you want to slide across the bonnet of your car...
  18. I’ve not taken them up on the offer but several times in the Cardiff store they’ve made that statement to me. Has to be in stock at the retailer they’re matching was the only stipulation they gave.
  19. I do find it a bit frustrating when browsing, but on the other hand PMT will price match any UK retailer that has an item in stock, so armed with a smartphone you can effectively find the price you’d pay on any item.
  20. Does your amp have a DI out on it? If so you could use that as the input to the active cab?
  21. Didn’t PMT start in Southend? Sorry, not really on topic 😁
  22. I’d say you have 15cm across at the G string tuner, and 17cm across at the E, before you hit the padding - difficult to take a particularly informative photo due to the problems of perspective...
  23. I have both the case and a tape measure. I'll try and remember to measure it this evening - feel free to give me a prod when I forget!
  24. I think the classic vibe and vintage modified necks will have a plastic insert where the truss rod access is, whereas the affinity don’t?
  25. Was it by any chance PMT Bristol, a white Mustang with a broken pickup selector switch? I played that one a week or so ago and for me it felt like the nut needed to be cut lower, and it needed less relief in the neck, both of which might contribute to the feeling of the fretting hand.
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