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Hey Hey!

oz of the bass

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right then, an introduction!

Well, am called oz generally but my real name is rich am a bass player from lincolnshire and i hit the funk/metal kinda notes when it comes to playing bass,
I play through a Carlsboro 85 watt amp which is tasteful and good action, and i have a Yamaha BB300, and Ibanez Destroyer II Custom which is in pieces pending a make-over, a 1960's - 70's Yamato "Defretted" which I inherited off a good friend who bought a cheap fender copy way back when and defretted it... Also to some slightly more interest I currently have a 1972 Ned Callan Bass For Sale as played by John Entwhistle by The Who tis up on Ebay at the moment although not appearing like it is going to do very well on there any enquiries of that please be in touch and more to the point Hello again everyone and thanks for reading my little introduction!


Good Times!


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