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  1. North East Lincs meaning grimsby??
  2. I must admit back when they did the NJ Series (i was still at school) the NJ Mockingbird they were showing on the site always took my fancy!! anything about trabens?
  3. After celebrating becoming 20 on Monday... I have began to wonder, for a good thrash metal sound can the guitars that boast the thrash metal look cut it in the sound department as well? Having never picked up a BC Rich Bass or a Traben for that matter. Thus, I pose the question to all... Are they even fun toys? Good thrash guitars? This is for no reason in particular, would just like to know!
  4. and as boredom strikes, I've always wanted some stuf to sit and properly pratt about to. If someone could hook me up with an email with some mp3's or linkage as to where to find some that would be great thanks!
  5. £90!? What's wrong with it? I've seen entry level basses at more than that...
  6. [quote name='EdwardHimself' post='461067' date='Apr 13 2009, 10:36 AM']It's not worth it. Trust me, i've been there.[/quote] What became not worth it? This is the sorta thing tha intrigues me, I mean the achievement of building a bass with some simple starting foundations like a mediocre guitar sounds great! Can you make it something good? if even it not worth it on cost, I generally find you cant pay these people selling basses monthly at least you can buy a little bit and keep going, I mean hell, in truth theres nothing to stop you in the end putting the electronics in something else entrirely you prefer the feel of is there? I like the sound of it
  7. The Name of the beast is..... "Yamato!"
  8. I have an old fender jazz cheap japcrap copy thing, and I was intrigued by these forums and spoke to some boffins I know and I'm gettin very mixed reviews on it being worth it to have ago a little project and spend some money on making it abit more special... I like the feel of it and so felt like a fairly ideal place to start, what would be good things to start on? Should I want it to be inkeeping to fender looking type things? should I let my imagination go nuts? is it even worth throwing money at aesthetically pleasing driftwood!? All responses welcome!
  9. What do you mean by THAT!? roland jupiter out of the question, she doesn't like wine and you wouldn't hear the last of it and as for the attractive part... I'm sure you are very attractive, after all, I'm sure there were thousands of others jumping at the oppurtunity to tell me you were.
  10. Ever since I started playing bass after hearing a bassist of the name Juan Nelson (Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals) and seeing his Tobias bass I've been semi-obsessive about owning one. Does anyone know if they really are everything I've made them cracked up to be in my head?
  11. If this is still to pricey then anybody interested I invite you to come have a good look pm me if interested and we'll arrange to meet or you can come to me in grimsby and we can sort it out. Any takers gents!?
  12. is there anyone from North Lincolnshire or the surrounding area anywhere??
  13. *******SHOCKING NEWS BROADCAST!!!!!******* ***********HOLD THE PHONE!!!!*************** ..... I'm still selling a 1972 Ned Callan.....
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