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How much?


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Sorry if this has been covered but maybe an update wouldn't hurt - if there's already a thread then grateful for a link!


There's a perpetual argument in my band about how much we should be charging (coming mostly from those who don't get any of the bookings) with the assertion that - surprise, surprise - we should charge more than we do. Alongside the questions of "what's the meaning of Life?" and "is there a God?" you can add "what should a reasonably competent and established covers band charge for a pub/small club gig?".


I guess there are a huge set of variables including, number in the band, location, size of the pub, competition from other, cheaper bands etc. but I'd be grateful for anybody's thoughts and the benefit of their experience. We're now fully booked for 2022 and have bookings for next year which is fuelling the argument. FWIW typically around the Notts/Derbys areas it seems to be between 2 and 3 hundred quid regardless of whether you're a power trio or the Band of the Grenadier Guards.

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I think it is an area thing. We charge around 300 for a group of 4 for a pub gig, more for parties/weddings etc.. seems to be a bit more since the pandemic.

But it depends on your area and what other people are charging.

If people who don't come up with the bookings think you should get more then maybe it is up to them to get those higher paying gigs?

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