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1980s Aria Pro II Laser Heritage - Passive (Rough Cosmetically, but Works a Treat)
Lichfield, Staffs


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An 80s Made in Japan Aria Pro II Laser Heritage,the passive version, that has seen better days cosmetically.  34" scale length.  I think these were intended to be the 'budget SB' basses or something like that.


Works a treat and does what it's supposed to do, but a previous owner had used a grinder (yes, a grinder) to add some kind of effect to the body.  I did a bit of repair work on it given what I got it for and marks are still visible over the body (nitro black with nitro gloss).....  but to do it properly it'd have been a Chris Squier job and take a layer of wood off it from all over, even from the edges, and it'd have looked weird and probably sounded weird.  


Popped in a complete new solderless loom, as the wiring had seen better days, and a replacement blank TRC given the original 'heritage' one was missing.  Sounds great and nice to play, but the pickups are originals and their outputs are a bit all over the place, so I only really use it on the P-PUP.  Also set up with what I think were 100-40 rounds.  Would be a nice 'spare', project, doner bass or doer-upper, although I like it as it is....... adds a bit of character I reckon 🙂  Weighs in at 4kg (8.8lb).


Happy to post (not Hermes) and no case or gig-bag.








unnamed (4).jpg

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