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GR AT212 Slim (26lbs) v Bergantino NXT212 (49lbs)


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I haven't tried the GR AT212 so can't give you a tone comparison but do have the Berg NXT212.  The Berg is an easy one person lift so would suggest discounting weight as a deciding issue.


Tone-wise I think the NXT212 is great.  I'm using it with a Bergantino B|Amp in a fairly loud rock covers band and have found it easily capable of projecting the volume and sound that I want without going through our PA.


If you have, or are considering, a B|Amp then the NXT212 makes even more sense due to the speaker profile capability in the amp.


As with anything, try before you buy if possible.  That said, I bought the NXT212 without trying it based on reputation and previous experience with the B/Amp and AE410 cab and it has lived up to my expectations.

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