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SOLD - SX short scale p-bass


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This is a really nice cheapy short scale. It just hasn’t had the use I thought I’d give it so time to move it on. 

I bought it new in 2019 from Scayles in Edinburgh. It is in pretty much mint condition. I’ve only played it a little but at home. 

I don’t have a gig bag for it. I’ve got a hard case you can have for £40. It’s a full size case and in good nick, though a few strips of gaffer on it (so easily identified) that have gotten a bit dusty. It also holds a standard fender precision and I guess all sorts else. It’s a good fit for this short scale though.

I looked for a smaller hard case or a good gig bag that would fit it but could never find one. Eventually I decided that the only option was a full size case.   But if you’re wanting to look then below the pics I’ve pasted in my tape measured specs that I did when hunting for a case. 

Collection from London SE5 or happy to meet at a tube somewhere in zones 1-3. 






And the case:








And here’s how it measured for me. 


  • Total length:  L 42.1” (1070mm) excl strap button. 
  • Body length top side: 17.5” (450mm) (excl strap button)
  • Body length bottom side:  14.5” (370mm)
  • Nut to top of headstock: 9” (230mm) (same as full size). 


  • Upper bout: 10.5” (270mm max)
  • Lower bout: 12” (304mm)




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