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NPD: EHX Black Finger Compressor


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It is ... quite large. Found a NOS one in Italy through Reverb for a decent price.


Took it for a quick spin. It does what I expected and does so lovely. Smooth compression with valve warmth and a bit of breakup when digging in. Like butter!

My other compressor is a Cali76cb, which is a different breed and more tight + punchy. Each has their virtues.
Will chime in on my findings after using it within the band, as that's where compressors really show what they do.


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I have the Black Finger for a couple of weeks now and it does work wonders on a Pbass tone, bringing it to life in the mix with some valve grit and warmth. The unit is dead silent when I do not play so reports of BF pedals being noisy can be ignored at least for mine.

On a more punchy Jazz bass like slap tone though, the Cali really does take the cookie. This means I really want to have both. I haven't combined them yet but will see how that turns out @Jus Lukin.


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