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Darkglass Microtubes B7K V2 - REDUCED £155.00 including postage
Brighton East Sussex


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  • 2 weeks later...

Sent you PM, but now seems that you left the messaging conversation?  I'm very interested in this pedal, but messaged to let you know that using PayPal 'Friends and Family' can cause some transactions to get flagged, and then delays sending the funds (this happened to me when I just tried to pay my singer for a band t-shirt, and the funds were blocked by PayPal for ~2 weeks before getting released!).  

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10 hours ago, Black Coffee said:

Is this still for sale ?

Or is it gone


I was ready to send him payment in April... then he left the 'Messages' conversation we were having and I've not heard from him since. :(

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2 hours ago, Black Coffee said:

Ok.   Cheers.👍

Sometimes folks just don't want to sell me stuff... I don't know why.  There was the guy on eBay who didn't want to sell me an Aguilar Chorusaurus pedal and blocked me.  To vent, I complained on Basschat.  Then a couple of months later someone read my complaint on Basschat and sold me theirs.  Stoisism man, one has to believe that it is all for the best... it will all work out in the end.

I'd really enjoy goofing with this pedal, but perhaps you have better luck! 🤣   My B7K v2 is waiting for me... somewhere, sometime. 

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