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Mentoring a beginner

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My niece is learning bass - or, rather, she had the gear and has mastered a few favourite riffs (Nirvana, Pink Floyd’s ‘Money’, etc). Call me biased, but she shows some aptitude.

She’s asked me where to go from here. I have always thought learning from scratch these days would be a cinch, given all the YouTube instructional videos you see around, but to be honest I am baffled as to where to start. Too much choice!

If anyone has had to recommend a channel, or even particular clips, to someone starting out I would appreciate your advice.


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Rather than pointing her towards Youtube, I think it would be more beneficial to show her some things yourself, or look for a teacher (obviously online right now).

Early on I'd look at showing her right hand alternate picking, major scales/arpeggios, the notes on the fretboard (up to the 5th fret to start with), and basic reading.  All of that will give her a solid foundation on the instrument, but she should still keep learning songs to keep it fun.


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