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Sivcak Solar 5 string SOLD

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Lockdown has meant that I've brought loads of my gear home/out of storage. It's been great! But, I've have started to realise how much has amassed over the years. 

So, going to start putting some bits and bobs up for sale.

This has been heavily gigged and was refinished with a rattle can by a prev owner(!?!!?). 

Passive with Aguilar Super Singles and 18mm spacing. 8.3lbs in weight, so pretty light. Sounds like an old jazz on steroids. Big and fat, but clear and focused. 

These are £2k new, but it's covered in marks and the refinish is poor. 

I've had it years. Seems a shame to leave it in its case. My original plan was to spend a couple of hundred refinishing it. But, actually quite like how it looks. It plays so well, it's up there with my Sadowskys. 







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Had quite a bit of interest in the bass. I think I've sent shipping quotes to everyone. But, if I've missed you out can you message me back again please. 

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