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Brass nut installation on Warwick Chrome Tone bass

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Luthier is in lockdown, so decided to DIY install a new brass nut on this old Warwick Chrome Tone 5-string streamer.

I'd never done a nut installation before, so was a bit apprehensive, but I have to say I'm really pleased with the result.

The old nut was a Warwick Just-a-nut-II (stock for the bass), and while it wasn't broken it seemed very light weight and flimsy and the sound of the open strings didn't match the fretted notes (bell-bronze frets on this bass).

So, I replaced it with a Warwick Just-a-nut-III.  I just used two small dots of cyanoacrylate (CA) glue to hold the nut in place.

Here's a photo documentation of the brass nut installation.  I also took the opportunity to clean the Ebony fretboard with some lemon oil.

NB: The original machine heads on this bass (stock Warwick) were completely shot (posts were moving around!).  So I replaced those recently with some Schallers.  The bass sounded great before, but sounds even better now!










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1 hour ago, geoffbyrne said:

Looks great - thinking of this myself.


Sounds really great too.  I'm very happy with the result!  The open strings now have sustain which seems to last until the end of time... 

I saved the old stock Just-a-nut-II, in case I pass this bass along one day and some crazy collector wants the stock parts back on.  However, that nut really had no real mass to it.  The sustain was alright, but the open strings just didn't quite match with the fretted notes.  

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