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String bending

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I want to start trying string bending, for no reason other than I think it will be interesting.

Apart from advanced stuff like Primus, can anyone recommend a track or player I should look at for starters...?

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There's a red hot chili peppers song call transcending that's bass line has a pretty big bend in it. 

It's not a technique I use a lot on bass, mainly because you have to have a really good ear or massive patience to build up the muscle memory to bend in tune.  It's much easier to slide or hammer on. 

Guitarists get away with it using distortion so the fact that they aren't actually bending to the correct pitch it missed. Plus it much easier to hear the out of pitch note in lower frequencies in my opinion. It's why we the bass player hits a bum note everyone knows, where as guitarists do it all night long and get away with it. 


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