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Re-finishing a Warwick Rockbass Corvette Basic 4

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So my Rockbass Corvette already had the old fretboard replaced with Ebony whilst having broken truss rod repaired by the previous owner. The bottom of the Just a nut was also replaced for brass. 
The body was dinked and with the factory low gloss finish didn’t look anything special and very worn. I had seen some posts about hand sanded oil finishes and thought I’d have a go. The body is Alder so wasn’t expecting anything fancy in wood figuring.  I sanded the factory finish off the body and prepped for Liberon Finishing Oil which I am currently hand sanding in with increasingly finer grades of wet and dry sandpaper. I’m on day 2 of oil so 2nd coat and sand. I’m hoping to get a few more coats on at 24 hr intervals before curing and then wax. 
I’m pleasantly surprised by the results so far so I thought I post a few pics. I’ve also taken the finish back on the neck a little as it was a bit sticky. I’m going for a gloss finish on the bodyand will replace the plastic Just a nut with brass to match the base of it. A new preamp and job’s a good ‘un!

so first pic is factory finish

2nd is sanded off finish

3rd is second coat of Liberon and sand today  

4th & 5th is coat 7 sanded in with 2500 grit




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This is after coats 3 and 4. It’s definitely Alder as confirmed by Warwick serial number checker on their website. I just need to work on the gloss now so I will be using 0000 steel wool between coats. The wood itself feels lovely and I am finding the whole process very therapeutic lol

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That looks so much better. Whatever Warwick used completely disguised that lovely grain. 

It should only get better with consecutive coats. 👌

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