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Jazz 5 - 24 fret

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I found a nice 2 piece body blank in my workshop that I totally forgot about! 
so decided to make myself a 24 fret five string. I’m kinda modelling the look after an Ibanez Adam Nitti 5 string, red with maple neck and black blocks. 
I cut the body and made all routs. Applied sealer and grain filler. Red pigment was added to the clear coat and I finally got the red I wanted. Now shooting clear coats. 





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That. Is. Red! Love it.

Wish I had a workshop big enough to loose a bass in... 😁

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1 hour ago, GarethFlatlands said:

Post #1 and you're at the same point I'm at, having been at my build since February 😄

Looks fantastic!

It’s quick once you have templates! What are you building?

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I have a homemade template for the body and a paid-for one for the neck, I was mainly held up by lacking the proper skills and jigs for certain jobs as it's my first home build. Also, I have a hard time concentrating sometimes which is a bad mix with power tools, so there have been long stretches where I've not made any progress. 

I'm making a Jazz too, there's a build thread here.


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