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Re-finishing plywood

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I've got an old Vox Clubman bass I bought at a car boot, which had been over-painted.

I've now sanded off the paint and am ready to re-finish it.

It was a dark orange/red (not sure what the colour is called) and I don't know whether to try and get that (it's still in the pickup bays) or go for another colour, either a plum/burgundy or black.

But before that, what's a good primer to use on plywood?

My skills are up to the level of rattle-can, but the original probably wasn't anything better anyway.

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'It was a dark orange/red (not sure what the colour is called)'... Rust?... 😉

I did a re-fin on a Cruiser Crafter P-a-Like...stripped the red and went with Dutch oil on what i think is a bass wood body.

Just googled the body shape...white pick guard? burgandy would go nice... black would be bland - shape deserves a colour... Mustard? or go a Metalic?

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Good point about the black - it has a black pickguard (which I am also stripping the paint off!)

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