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WITHDRAWN! Levy Suede Strap (incl. P&P)
Epping, Essex, UK

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NOW £20 incl. P&P to mainland UK

Great strap - just superfluous to requirements.  Obvious wear because it's been used, but in perfectly acceptable condition for the next umpteen years.

The tag (which would otherwise identify the "model") has been torn off (no idea how) but it's the one in the link.

(2" or 51mm wide by 52" or 1,321mm long)

Levys Leather Brown Suede 2" Strap




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Open to reasonable offers to shift this, but reasonable as this really is a quality strap.

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    • By Brook_fan
      I have various leads I would like to get rid of, as I have not used them for several years now.  Also, two straps for sale.  Here is a list of what I have:
      1.  A collection of various guitar leads, all with Sommer tweed braided cable and neutrik jacks.  These include two straight jack guitars leads, 3 metre in length.   A right angle to straight guitar lead, 4 metre in length, and then two short(ish) patch cables with right angled jacks.  I had all of these leads made by “Design a Cable”  who are extremely reliable.  The leads are all working and have been used very rarely.  I just do not have the equipment anymore to make use of them.  I would do the whole lot for £50 plus postage and packing.  See attached pictures.
      2. A 5metre length Elixir Cable.  These were the dogs nadgers  when they first came out, made by the same company as do the strings.  They no longer make cables.  Have no idea what the connectors are, or what the cable is, but the cable is pretty thick and stiff, and knowing Elixir, there is probably some shenanigans going on with the cable inside to make it sonically better.  I seem to remember they were at least £40 or £50 when new.  Looking for about £20 for this.
      3. A brand new (used only for one gig two years ago!) “Design a Cable” built guitar lead, using high quality braided cable, 5 metres in length, a gold plated neutrik right angle silent switching connector, going to a straight silver neutrik connector.  It has purple boots, and I have to say, for a guitar lead, looks remarkably attractive and funky.  I have no use of this anymore, as my acoustic guitar uses a stereo cable. Looking for £20. Withdrawn
      4. Two straps, a Mono one that I bought off the forum here a few months ago but haven’t really used.  Still superb condition.  Looking for £25. The other is a leather Levy’s strap with Velcro adjustment.  Absolutely brilliant this is.  Bought this years ago, and barely used, so still superb condition.  Very comfortable and wide, so suitable for bass.  Looking for about £35 for this one. 
      None of these prices are set in stone, so please feel free to male an offer 😊. I’ve had to get myself an acoustic preamp for gigging, so the money will go towards that. All prices are plus shipping.  

    • By whizzzy
      Sold- Two straps for sale, £12.50 each, includes postage within UK. - Sold
      The first is made by Levy's. It's a fairly hard brown leather, 6.5cm wide. is in good condition with minimal use.
      The second is an unbranded suede leather strap, a Red wine / Burgundy colour, very soft and pliable. Measures 6.3cm wide. I used this on my Warwick Thumb in order to help compensate for the famous neck-dive that the bass is infamous for and it worked a treat. Again in good condition.

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