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A good bass into a good amp. Nothing else needed IMO!

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On 23/11/2020 at 09:02, Japhet said:

I've heard fantastic tone with a bass straight into an amp and great tone through a bunch of effects. I've also heard awful tone in the same situations. There's no right and wrong in this debate, just people who can get a good sound and people who can't.

The problem with this is that everyone will likely have different ideas about what constitutes a “good sound” and it all sounds different depending on the context anyway. 😉

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I'm afraid I fall in the lazy camp. Just my bass, amp & cab. I dial in the tone I like and set the volume to suit the venue. That's it. Can't be bothered with faffing around with this, that and the other. And that is why I have a TC BH250, (tuner & comp' built in).

I briefly owned a Zoom B3N and was impressed, good value for money. So although I am a "good bass into a good amp" chap, I encourage those inclined to try out whatever they fancy and enjoy the ride.

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