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SOLD ACG Harlot 5 Rare Neck Thru *Minty* with GLOCKENKLANG preamp
Milan, Italy

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A rare thru neck ACG Headless Harlot 5

A1 Immiculate, as new condition. So a new ACG for half the price.

We’re talking exotic wood for days here: sycamore, Asian ebony, Wenge, flamed maple and swamp ash.

It has grub screws for use with normal strings if that’s what you want.

Just fitted a brand new GLOCKENKLANG stacked 3 band Preamp, made huge improvement on the sound vs the previous John East Eq01. Super transparent 

To commission it would cost in region of £3,000, although I’ve heard that Alan doesn’t now make thru necks.

Perfectly low action, blue fibre optic dots on the side of the neck (which I found a lot better for use on a dark stage than the brighter LEDs that are common) plays like a dream and has plenty of punch.

The fretboard is zero radius and the neck is asymmetrical (slightly thinner on the G side and thicker at the E). Unorthodox but I’m never consciously aware of it and find it very comfy: the neck plays itself.


34-inch scale

Swamp Ash body core

Asian Ebony top/veneer.

Thru 5 piece flame maple/wenge neck

Acrylic Flame Sycamore neck – no dots

Dual Action trussrod

Carbon neck rods

Blue LED via fiber-optic side dots

Black hardware

Hipshot Ultralite Tuners.

Hipshot Type A bridge - 18mm spacing

ACG String anchor

RFB humbucker bridge pick-up with coil switching

RFB Single coil neck pick-up







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On 24/09/2020 at 07:49, dutchwife said:

Can't believe this gorgeous instrument is still here.... 

There are so many lovely instrument FS on this forum at the moment.. possibly is covid time that slows down sales

I don't see many marked as SOLD


BTW I got today in my mail a brand new GLOCKENKLANG Preamp I will fit into the ACG this week end

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      New Headless Birthday Bass Day!

      Thanks to the sterling collaborative efforts of @Paul S and my lovely partner, I got this for me birfday! It's a Riverhead Unicorn RUB1090, from 1985-ish. I've wanted one of these since I tried one at the old Bass Centre in Wapping in 1985, and sadly found myself unequal to the £500 price tag!
      They don't turn up too often & I've missed out on one or two, including this one when it first came up a few months ago. Happily Paul gave me first refusal - and a great excuse to get it at no personal expense! So everyone's a winner!
      This is in nice condition for a 35-ish year old bass. A lot of these are pretty tatty, seemingly the factory finish wasn't too durable, but this has had a decent refin at some point, over the original matt black. The hardware's in near-new condition, which I'm surprised & very pleased about - many of these have corroded-looking metal parts. There's a little bit of fretwear, mostly under the E & A around the first 5 frets or so. A fret level/dress would help but I don't know if I'll bother - Paul's strung it with flats & the slight acoustic rattle doesn't seem to be audible when plugged in. Actually this is the first time I've had flats on a fretted bass in about 15 years & I'm surprised how well they work on this! Through my little Yamaha THR10 it sounds nice & full, with a bit of a Jazz growl to it. Pickups are passive single coils & fairly close to J positioning.
      First impressions are that it's a bit nicer to play than my Hohner B2A or Cort Space headlesses - the chunky pickups provide a more natural feeling hand/thumb position and the narrow (39mm nut) but fairly deep neck makes it feel pretty substantial.
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      I've been trying to find our more about my Hohner headless bass from the late 80's which  has a jack on the reverse and a strap with a rotating connector so that you can spin the guitar as in ZZ Top style ( but without the fur!).  Does anyone else have this? I can't find out anything about them.
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      Actually the Moses neck is far from chunky and I've found it comfortable to play with my rather small hands.
      Condition: 10/10, like new, perfectly set up by Jon + Brand new Elixir strings. The tuners are like butter.
      - Alder body (not 100% sure)
      - Matt white finish with a shiny texture
      - EMG MMTW pickup
      - 3 way EMG preamp with parametric mids
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      ACG Finn fretted 5, DFM 5K A/P,  Redwood Lace Burl top. Roll on 2021 😍
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