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Oliver Morgan

SOLD - G&L USA MJ-5 Midnight Blue, Mint Condition, £1200

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Like new, mint condition G&L USA-made MJ-5 active five string bass. 

Lightweight Empress wood body (3.52kg)

Midnight Blue body and matching headstock

Modern C neck profile with rosewood fingerboard (34" scale length)

Active electronics with G&L Alnico V pickups

Original hard case


The bass is currently in Geneva but could also be collected or shipped from London by arrangement










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Wow! a sub 8lbs G&L 5 string!😎 love the colour and J/J pups on this one.

I would have bought this if I hadn’t just snagged an equally nice five string off here.



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Thanks Keir, 

It's a ridiculously comfortable instrument to play due to the low weight of the bass.  The G&L electronic and preamp also make it a great sounding bass.  


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    • By Bastek
      Hello Bass family
      I`m selling my G&L L-2500 five string beauty.
      It`t a rare custom version with beatiful maple top and binding, made in US between 1997 and 2003 - according to G&L site customs were produced in 1997 but the serial number written on the back of the headstock. began with “CLF” which was used from mid-1998 on – so i`m not sure.
      As i remember I`ve purchuased it 2004 from USA. Some little dings and scratches. Frets in excellent condition. Everything works perfectly.
      I didn`t like the original jack input so it was chaget to gotoh plate with "open" type switchcraft input wchich is much more tight and safe when gigin.
      Netto weight: 4,6 kg = 10,2 lb
      Original Harshel case (in good condition - two legs missing)
      No trades, only sale.

    • By Hellzero
      YAMAHA TRB-5P from the 23rd of August 1995. This model was discontinued in 1996.
      Would prefer selling it, but trades are always welcome, especially for a fretless bass : 4, 6 or 8 (no octave strings) strings unlined are my preferences.
      Simply the best P/J fiver on the market with the extra piezos that you can really use, way far better than my previous BB2025X and to date the best TRB I've ever owned. The Yamaha TRB-5P is still the main bass used by Abraham LABORIEL, there must be a reason...
      Asking price including shipping fully insured with tracking number to your place in these European countries (ask for other countries) : Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France (excluding French overseas departments and territories), Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom : £1100 GBP !!!
      In fully working condition and very good overall condition for its age.
      Here are the specifications :
      Body : 2 wings of flamed maple with rosewood thick veneer core
      Neck through : 5 pieces of maple and mahogany
      Fingerboard : ebony
      Frets : 24 (has been professionally refretted)
      Headstock : 3 + 2 shape (angled) with rosewood top
      Pickups : 1 Yamaha BP-Z5 piezos bridge (one per string) + 1 Yamaha YJC52 + 1  Yamaha YPC52
      Preamp : Yamaha BP-Z 2 bands
      Controls : volume, magnetic pickups blend, bass, treble, magnetics to piezos blend, piezos low cut switch (-12 db at 50 Hz)
      Tuners : Gotoh/Yamaha
      Bridge : Yamaha BP-Z5
      Strings spacing at bridge : 19 mm
      Nut : bone
      Strings spacing at nut : 9 mm
      Knobs : original Yamaha
      Scale : 33 7/8 inches (860 mm)
      Hardware colour : gold (tarnished)
      Truss rod : 1 (fully working)
      Finish : amber gloss (has turned to some orange shade)
      Land of craftsmanship : Japan
      Serial number : 3O23075
      Year : 23rd of August 1995
      Weight : 4.4 kilos
      Action : from 1.5 mm under the G string to 2 mm under the B string at 12th fret (can go lower, but was perfect for me)
      Will come with a brand new semi-rigid case.
      Non-smoking environment as usual.
      I'm only selling this terrific P/J fiver because I really have problems with odd numbers basses. I know... My loss is your gain.
      The bass has been fully set up professionally by Christophe LEDUC. It has a new battery and has been fitted with a brand new set of Newtone Diamond Stainless Steel Hex Core strings (42 - 60 - 75 - 96 - 120), which fit the bass to perfection.
      This fantastic Yamaha will also come with a brand new spare Newtone Diamond Stainless Steel Hex Core strings set (42 - 60 - 75 - 96 - 120), with two high C's, just in case.
      What you see is what you get !
      Look at the pictures taken under different angles in natural light to see the real condition and the real colour : some knocks, dings and dongs due to its age (almost 25 years), but nothing serious. It has been professionally refretted by a previous owner. The ouput jack has been changed from a barrel one to a Telecaster type, which is much more convenient.
      Don't hesitate to ask for more.

      Yamaha TRB-5P Service Manual.pdf
    • By Richard R
      While on a rather long call at work,  for which I was required only for some parts, I did my occasional hunt for Brawley Artemis 5 string guitars, and came across this. It's in Manchester, NH rather than Manchester UK otherwise I would have bought it immediately.  My bass is the 4 string brother of this, bought a couple of years ago -I'm half-looking for a 5 string and would love a matching pair. But shipping and possible returns to the US make it rather too risky as an impulse buy.

      I can't do my guitar justice, but everyone who can play has really liked it and agrees that they are really nice basses. Well built, sound fantastic, 3 band Active eq, dual humbuckers, 35" scale. The opinion across the 'net is much the same, that they are hugely underrated -  Hardly anyone knows about Brawley as they went out of business after only a couple of years. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brawley_Guitars, see also the references to the original Brawley web site,  various reviews on Talkbass etc) 

      So while I won't be buying this, if there is anyone on that side of the pond who wants to take a punt (only $350!) and buy this then I am pretty sure you won't be disappointed. And if it plays as well as mine I shall be a teeny bit jealous.
      @Mods - Not sure if this sort of post is OK or where it should go. I have no association with Guitar Center, but move/delete as appropriate..
    • By bassbiscuits
      I’m selling my Yamaha TRB1005 that I bought just after Christmas from fellow Basschatter MikanHannille.
      It’s a fantastic bass but it's just too big for me (unfortunately I have a long-standing shoulder injury and don’t find it comfortable to play for any length of time). Which is a real bummer because I’ve been rehearsing with it this week for an upcoming Bowie tribute night and it sounds really good! Damn. 
      It’s 35” scale, Made in Korea, with really clear definition on the low B string, and plenty of punch and tonal variation thanks to the three-band active EQ, volume and pickup blend pot. Weight is about 4.3kg on my luggage scales.
      Now, MikanHannille was at pains to point out that is wasn’t mint condition, and it does indeed have a few small surface dings on the edge of the body, end of the headstock etc, as you’d expect from a well-gigged instrument.
      None of it affects its playability, with the frets, nut, pickups, bridge, tuners etc all in really good condition. Medium/low action, Alder body with figured maple cap, and transparent black finish. 
      I only paid £250 three weeks ago so I’m looking for the same. That’s a bargain for such a versatile, well-built bass.
      I'll be using it (sparingly) at the Bowie night this weekend (January 11) in Leicester but after that it's available to buy. 
      I don’t have a case or gigbag for this, so collection or meet up within reasonable distance of Leicestershire would be ideal. Willing to courier if needed though, with the price reflecting the additional cost (usually about £20-£25 from experience).
      Not really after trades as I've already got my eye on a 34" five string. 
      Fire away with any questions.

    • By Panos Bobolas
      Massive price drop 700 GBP (plus shipping cost)
      Hi, everyone!
      It is the vintage version (1983) of SB-2 with slab body and the original headstock before the Fender lawsuit.

      The bass was made in the legendary Fender factory in Fullerton California. 

      The bass is in its original condition and of course works flawlessly. Very low action. Amazing neck with slight flame. Very easy to play, C shape, 40mm nut width. 

      Only 2-3 small scratches on the body that you 'll see in the photos.

      I would describe the sound as a mixture of Precision (Neck PU) and Stingray (Bridge PU), with a warmer sound when both pickups are used. Definitely more flesh and output than conventional Jazz Bass PUs, it's always in the mix!

      It comes packed like a tank in an almost new soft gig bag.

      Vintage sounding Jazz bass or Mustang. I need  growling on the neck pickup (for jazzes). I don't care about the weight. Heavier means better sound...
      Thanks again
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