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Baloney Balderdash

Alan Entwistle PBXN Neodymium P pickup, tell me about it?

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So I stumbled upon this super cheap pickup that from what I could read up from people on the internet should be extremely aggressive and high output, wasn't able to find any YouTube demos though.

So anyone with any first experience with that pickup who can give me at least some idea of what I possibly could expect, output and tone wise, if I swapped out the current DiMarzio Model P P pickup installed in my bass, wired directly to it's output jack socket with an Alan Entwistle PBXN Neodymium P pickup?

Also anyone with audio clips that actually demos this pickup would be very welcome as well.

Now, I actually really like the tone I get from my DiMarzio Model P, but at the low prize of the Entwistle PBXN it is tempting to at least just try it out and see if I possibly would like that even better.

One thing I'd definitely wouldn't want is scooped out mids, and I'd like a fair share of high end frequency content to be reproduced by the pickup too, as you might be able to figure out by me having the DiMarzio Model P wired directly to the jack output socket of my bass.

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Posted (edited)

Is a good pickup but you need to make sure your pickup cavity is deep enough as the pickup poles extend out the back of the pickup several mm. 

Tonally I think it is fairly balanced, no extremes of eq but pretty aggressive attack to it, I can't be of much more help than that as I didn't have the pickup for long as my pickup cavity wasn't deep enough for the pickup, hopefully someone else can provide a more detailed description.

Btw they are becoming more scarce so if you have seen one for sale I would get it, you can always sell it on if it doesn't work out.


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