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**SOLD** Payson Flats, Unopened for 37" Scale Dingwall
Near Swindon

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These are brand new/Unused, still in the "sealed" packaging.

They are for 37" scale Dingwall's etc.  The 3 big ones are also Tapered at the bridge end, much like original Dingwall strings.

I was meant to pick these up from a friend in the USA, but due to this virus my mate sent them over. What he did not realise was I got bored and bought a set locally.

So, that is how I know they cost £72 (£69 plus postage)

These will therefore be a bargain for £45 inc delivery

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Item Sold
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Yes they are a 5-string set, I'm not sure what happened to the picture, I will try to add it again.

To me they sit somewhere in the middle of "flat" territory, not completely thuddy, but not bright either... I expect they will get thuddier with time.

If you have used flats before they will be familiar sounding just more awesome because they on a 37" to 34" scale Dingwall.

Strings are a very personel thing, I do not like the Dingwall Nickel's at all, but loads of people love them. The  Payson ML Nickel's sound just right to me, I'm trying the  Payson Black Daggers now.

As you can tell I like to try lots of different strings on my basses


Payson Flats FS.jpg

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