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SOLD!! Fodera Imperial Elite 5 "Bona"
Lisbon, Portugal

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Hey guys,

I'm currently selling my 2008 Fodera Imperial Elite 5 string (Bona).

Here are the specs:

Ash body with Olive wood top
Maple neck with 34" Birdseye maple fretboard
Seymour Duncan P/ups with ebony wood covers and matching finger ramp (was a 500 dollar extra at the time of purchase)
Mike Pope 18v Preamp
Weight is about 4,8 KG.

The bass is in mint condition, rarely got out of the house, feels amazing and sounds clear as daylight.
Can basically get any tone from the most vintage to the most modern sounding bass.
The reason for selling is because I'm living in another country and this bass has been staying in Portugal inside the closet not being used, so thought maybe someone else would actually give it a proper use.
I don't have the original case anymore but the bass will be shipped on a proper road case that offers way more protection than the regular fodera case. (Photo of the case attached)

The price includes shipping within Europe.










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oh my goodness, that's the real thing.


Would you consider giving it away for free to me?



edit to add: I promise I'll make good use of it and if I at all manage I'll also have it signed by Richard in person one day.

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    • By Servecool1987
      Ray35 Bass in awesome looking Honey Burst. Sounds absolutely beautiful. Low b is punching amazing well. In great condition bar one small nick in necm around 7th fret. Only selling as to fund new purchase.
      Owned this bass for a couple of years and has been well maintained by myself and previous owner. 
      Can meet in Renfrewshire/Glasgow area. Any questions please feel free to ask. 

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      This is a review of my experience with a fairly old school combo bass guitar amp from Ashdown Music. These haven't been made for a long time now but they can be picked up fairly cheaply used and if you know what to look for you can get a very capable example that can ace rehearsals and do small Gigs easily. And is very easy to carry around.  
      The MAG 250 is an intermediate amplifier version that sits nicely between the old school MAG 200 mosfet combos and the later MAG300 bi polar amp combos. What you can expect to get is a fairly lightweight chipboard cabinet that is covered with black carpet and has two rear ports on the speaker box. Standard plastic corners, and a rubber strap handle are fitted. Originally no rubber feet were fitted to these combos so they are prone to wear on the bottom panel.  The amp chassis section is fairly interesting in that its made of lightweight magnesium alloy and only a fraction of the weight of EB180 and MAG300 steel chassis versions. This is a major plus as it gives the combo a very lightweight feel. The pre-amp is standard MAG specification and the power amp section is essentially a MAG300 with a smaller 250VA toroidal transformer. Early MAG 250's were convection cooled but can be prone to overheating if used at high power for extended periods. Later examples had a cooling fan fitted ( a standard 80mm Jamicon fan unit ) longitudinally inside the amp chassis. These are the most desirable versions. The standard speaker fitted to these units was a SICA branded 8 ohms 15 inch unit. I'm not sure of the power rating as its not stamped on the chassis but expect this is the same unit fitted to MAG 300 combos of the time so likely to be between 200 to 300 watt rating. The driver seems fairly efficient and can easily handle the MAG 250 output. 
      In use the pre-amp is bog standard MAG. You have high/low inputs for passive/active basses, an input volume, 5 band EQ with bass(usually swept around 100Hz), low mids swept normally at 220Hz, middle swept at 660Hz , high mids swept at 1.6 Khz and treble swept around 7Khz. There is a low boost and a high boost switch, a main EQ in/out and a switchable sub octaver with adjustable knob. The DI is post EQ and there is an effects send/return and a tuner /line out. if you have ever used a MAG or an Electric Blue amp these will all be familiar and the EQ section can create a wide variety of tones. RM users will also find these controls familiar. The rear panel has two speaker out jacks with a safe minimum impedance of 4 ohms. Essentially adding an external 8 ohm cab will allow the full power and headroom to be used. 
      In use this combo can really deliver a fine and powerful output from its inbuilt speaker. I tested this with a p-bass straight in and with the input around 3/4 and the master around half on the dial, it delivers a tight focused output that sounds clean and detailed around 30-40 feet away. One thing you will notice is the amp chassis gets very warm at this sort of high volume and after a long session. This is normal as the chassis is also part of the cooling mechanism for MAG 250's.
      The combo tested in this review was owned by me and originally was built and left the Ashdown UK factory around May 2003. It was reviewed last year at a local rehearsal studio.
      In summary, here are some pros and cons:
      lightweight alloy amp chassis makes this a breeze to transport (15.5 KG typical total combo weight)
      Lightweight particle board cab
      Rear ported for a deep smooth tone
      Punches easily as high as later MAG300 combo's for loudness.
      Cheap as chips used
      Simple to repair/maintain
      Parts cheap and easily accessible. 
      Efficient SICA blue line driver
      Typical Ashdown tone.
      rehearsal / small gigs only
      prone to overheating during long gigs if it doesn't have the cooling fan update. 
      prone to wear on the bottom panel as did not have rubber feet as standard and carpet/corners can get torn/worn.
      cats love these combos for sharpening their claws so never buy one from a cat owner as it will likely be torn to shreds down the side panels. 
      Verdict - one of Ashdown's hidden gems where lightweight amp chassis design/technology wasn't appreciated at the time(except by those in the know). 

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      Set of flatwound chrome long scale medium gauge bass strings. Only played once before deciding I needed a lighter gauge.
      Gauges are: 50, 70, 85, 105. 
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      I’m looking to upgrade my Sub Phatty to a 37 key Moog, preferably the Subsequent 37. Trades possible with cash your way.
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      Selling my Atelier Z Jerry Barnes M265. Top of the line, hand made in Japan, 70s style bass from Atelier. Bought new a few weeks ago and in literally "as new" condition. Fantastic instrument and craftsmanship, but selling as I'm much more of a 60s pickup position / alder body guy. Easily nails the 70s super jazz, Marcus Miller type of tone. It has an upgraded electronics package (including a passive tone knob), adding additional versatility. 70s type of sound but without the huge weight! (pretty light for an ash 5 string). Currently setup with quite low action with no buzz at all.
      Jerry Barnes (Chic's bass player) signature model. 
      Neck : Maple with binding, 21 Frets
      Body : Ash
      Tuners : GOTOH 
      Bridge : Vintage-type
      Pickups : ATELIER Z JBZ-5
      Preamp : ATELIER Z EQ-M
      Control : F vol, R vol/switch A/P, Passive Tone, Stacked Bass/Trenble
      Colour : Vintage Natural gloss
      Gig Bag: Padded deluxe
      Sring spacing at bridge: 19mm
      Weight: 4.5kg
      Plenty of feedback:  

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