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Eden World Tour DI - Sold


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Good condition and in full working order complete with Power Supply.  Light signs of use but no major dents or scratches.   Great sounding pedal but  I am revamping my board and is surplus to requirements.  I haven't really used it to its full potential and has mainly sat on my board in case my rig dies mid gig.

Will post or you could collect me in Chelmsford.

Some specs and info are as follows:

The Eden World Tour DI – or just WTDI – serves multiple purposes as it is able to shape your tone in a number of ways and at the same time you can use it as a DI to feed the Front of House, or you can run directly to an audio interface with balanced XLR inputs when recording.

The EQ section has three knobs that cut or boost up to 15 dB at 30 Hz (BASS), 550 Hz (MID) and 5 kHz (TREBLE). The MID knob also has a MID SHIFT button that you can use to switch between the default 550 Hz as the center frequency and 2.2 kHz, which will give you control over the high-mid frequencies. In this section, you will also find a BASS BOOST button that increases the very low frequencies quite significantly.

The GAIN knob on left side of the lower row is the first stage of the preamp circuit, but please note that it also affects how hard you drive the compressor, should you decide to use that.

The ENHANCE knob gradually boosts the lows, high-mid and high frequencies, while at the same time creating a dip in the low-mids. In other words, this knob scoops your tone.

The COMPRESSOR knob is a ‘one-knob operation’. You can dial in subtle compression or crank it up for more obvious compression.

Finally, the MASTER knob sets the overall output volume of the pedal.

Overall a really flexible pedal that gives plenty of options in a live or recording setting.









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