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SOLD:::SOLD:::;SOLD Babicz...((V Mod Precision Pickups GONE))
Kingdom o Fife

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Babicz FCH4AM full contact 3 HOLE mount STRING THRU bridge for Fender Jazz/Precision complete with all screws, ferrules and allen key..excellent condition. ***£50***

GONE:::Fender V Mod Precision pickups, pots & grounding plate. £50..again excellent condition:::GONE

Willing to give a little if both items go together but nothing daft...cheers




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    • By Dov65
      Here we have an AM Fender 70's reissue Jazz bass in as new condition. Comes with 3 guards including the original, ashtrays & thumbrest all certificates and a G&G case. WITHDRAWN I'M DAFT

    • By Dov65
      Here we have a Spector TonePump up for sale with the trimpot. Bass & treble pots are wired in, the 2 volume pots are KiOgon's handy work with terminal blocks so pickups are easily attatched, i have two barrel stereo jacks..1 Switchcraft which is prewired (KiOgon again) clearly showing the wire colours & the ring, tip and sleeve ON the jack (which by the way was for another project & not the TP hence the colours) or 2 a Neutrik version with no wires. The wires comming FROM the TP are Blue to Tip, Black to Sleeve & the Battery connector (black wire) to Ring ...im sure

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      4 inline light weight m/heads, bridge, string retainer, Schaller S locks and side mount jack socket..all Gold coloured & as new. Fixing included...Reduced £90 
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      Hertke HD 75 Combo in excellent condition, pickup only please. All spec's are in pics

    • By Punkpappa
      Fantastic Cort GB75 5 String Bass! Early 2000s (I think) I’ve had it for 10 years plus and it’s never let me down live or in the studio..
      I’m  kind of sad to sell it but just don’t play 5s much anymore, I’ll leave links of Tunes I’ve produced and played it on for you to check out.
      Noohra 🙏 Both Pups open with middle switch on
      I played the Cort GB75 on the following tracks below:👇👆From link above ✊️
      1.Headlights 2.Swag 3 Strawberry Hill 
      £250 is a bargain any questions please ask and I’ll do my best to answer them.
      They truly are great basses for the money, very well put together good looking Basses with a wide range of sounds.
      It gets a decent Marcus vibe, Musicman and hi-Fi sounding fusion sound . Check track Noohra
      local pickup preferred and listed elsewhere so first come etc 👊
      Link below of it in a soundcheck some years back, not my rig as it was a hire but still sounded good!
        Thanks for looking

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