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Genzler Magellan 350 or Eden Terra Nova TN501. Advice please

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I am looking at 2 amps

Genzler Magellan 350 of the Eden TN501

Both meet my needs of having Line/AUX in and Headphones. Use at home and good enough to gig at later dates

I purchased a PJB CAB27 and will probably add a CAB47 at a later date
Bass i am using at present is a Sandberg TM2

Can anyone advise me experiences with either of these 2 amps or advice. . TN501 i can get from Thomann for £235 which is great price

Or are there other alternative please? Mark Bass BIg Bang 2nd hand ?
thank you in advance


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I had the TN501 - nice at low volume and playing alone but not good in the loud band setting.   It ran out of puff very early on in terms of volume knob settings and the louder it went, the "thinner" the sound became.   The Ashdown RM EVO 11 500W which replaced it was in a different league - more "heft" if that really is a thing.     

I now have a Magellan 800, but I haven't had the chance to play this in the band context due to Covid - very different and much more flexible in terms of getting the sound you want.


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Didn't like the TN that was in the rehearsal rooms, but it had more juice about it than my Eden WTX500.

I also traded up to a Magellan 800 and the 350 is going to sound the same bar the power. Totally in love with the Magellan, can do everything the Eden could but way better. Near silent where the Eden had a bit of noise - definitely worth the money.

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    • By seifregno
      Very good conditions.
      The nice and warm sound that only this kind of heads can pull out does not exist on today's class D amplifiers The head works great and develops 800W.
      It was upgraded with an original 1956 Philips valve (and it's a whole other story in terms of dynamic range )
      The valve has a value of € 80
      Obviously the original valve is also supplied.

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      Eden I-90 Bass Chorus - £45.  Includes box, manual and power supply.
      Digitech X-series Bass Driver/Distortion - £35
      EHX Bass Big Muff Pi - £35
      All in good nick and working, the Eden and Big Muff have velcro on the back, the Digitech is free of hooky stuff (except possibly tonally!).
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      Nice budget class D head from Eden.
      300w @ 4ohms
      Some cosmetic wear but otherwise sound.
      Price includes UK postage.
      Happy to trade for Bass FX of similar or less value with cash.

    • By bassmansam
      One of the best Class D heads on the market... 800w of pure clean power.
      The head is in very good condition and comes with the official Genzler case and high quality speaker cable. The case has a minor tear but still works fine and keeps the amp secure. 
      Only selling as I'm switching to IEM and Preamp pedal for live shows.
      Price includes postage to UK mainland.
      No trades

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