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The Zoom B3 is a highly versatile effects pedal, or rather pedals, cased in metal, with a host of useful functions. For instance you can use it as an audio interface between you and your computer, you can use it as a DI box, you can use it as three stand alone effects of your choice, as a practice tool it has a headphone out and on board drum patterns / metronomes. It has a 40 second looper with overdub capability. It will power up via the usb, any standard 9v psu, or with four AA batteries. You can also create patches from multiple effects rather than use it as three individual stomps and programme them in any order to suit your set. There is free software online which makes this even easier. It has amp sims, which I assume you use in recording - not something I've used very much so apologies for vagueness.

Why I like it? It's solid, it has proper stomp switches and each 'pedal' has its own display screen so it's simple to use on stage. I like having my three most common used pedals neatly in one place, and by switching up a patch I can, for example, keep one the same (compressor or whatever always on pedal I'm using) but have a couple different if I know a song needs something I use less often. Then a quick switch back to my three most common used pedals. It's easy.

There are 100 presets but of course the fun of these things is creating or modifying to your tastes. You don't need to menu dive to make changes on the fly, each pedal has physical knobs allowing for straightforward adjustments to suit peculiar acoustic environments. Again simplicity is king in a live scanerio.

So why am I selling it if it's so awesome? I have a different pedal now which effectively replaces this one. Oh and I've overreached myself financially so I'm clearing a lot of gear.

It's yours for 65 quid posted. I knock a fiver off if we cut out the postman.

It's boxed (a bit tatty but still just about in one piece. A tiny bit of residue on the back from sticky velcro, but I'll get that off, and no feet, but I might be able to find them and reapply them if it's a deal breaker. Pics -







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I have accepted an offer for this, so pending the usual..... 

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