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(SOLD) Moog MF Drive

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Amazing drive pedal, bought new in 2016.
Works great with guitar, bass, synth, just about anything.  Use of Tone and Filter controls in conjunction allow plenty of low end through for bass.
Capable of subtle drive to all-out fuzz. Expression pedal input allows yo
u to control the Filter for some useful filter sweep/wah-like effects.

Comes with box. Price includes postage.


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item sold
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    • By JapanAxe
      The PSA-1 is a 1U rack device that uses analog modelling to simulate the sounds of classic amps. Effectively you can set separate distortion levels for low, mid, and high frequencies. It comes loaded with 49 presets covering various Marshall, Fender and Boogie amps as well as bass amps. The signal path is 100% analog, but you can save settings to one of 49 user memory locations. The programs can be accessed form Up/Down buttons on the front panel, or by MIDI program change.

      The Tech 21 'character' pedals use the same sort of technology but with some of the parameters pre-set to suit the kind of amp they are mimicking. Here you have the full range of tweakability.

      The PSA-1 can be considered a pre-amp or an amp simulator, but it doesn't have any onboard speaker simulation as such. It can be used into a clean guitar or bass amp, or into a power amp with a suitable guitar or bass cab. For direct recording most of the (dirtier) sounds also require a cab simulator device, IR loader or similar. Even so, I recorded the clean guitar in this clip without a cab sim.

      To me, the standout guitar presets are 07 (Hendrix - Marshall), 12 (Stevie Ray - Fender) and 48 (AC30 Queen). There are also a number of bass presets including SVT and Bassman. As is usually the case with presets, you probably won't like them all, so copy one you like to an empty memory slot and tweak away.

      There are plenty of connectivity options including front and rear inputs, FX loop, balanced outs, and MIDI in/out.

      The unit is in full working order. The only negatives I can find are:
      (1) The Up/Down buttons sometimes jump more than one increment at a time (but it's easy enough to go back to where you want to be);
      (2) Some of the lettering has worn away on the rear panel;
      (3) The mains lead is quite short, but it is terminated with an IEC inlet, so just plug in a kettle lead of suitable length.
      I don't have a hard copy manual but you can download it here.

      Reason for sale: I have used this much less since getting a Revival Drive!

      Price includes insured UK mainland delivery. Not really looking for trades unless you have an Alesis Control Pad to offload.

      Here's a dude showing off some of the guitar presets:

    • By CalDeep
      Reluctantly, my Moog Bass MuRF is up for sale. It's in great condition and has been barely used outside of a couple of studio days. 
      If you are looking you probably know what this is. Its just brilliant but sadly a recent car accident means I need the cash. 
      UK tracked and insured postage included in the price. 
    • By CalDeep
      Hey Guys. 
      Up is my Moog Freqbox. The infamously insane pedal. This pedal creates a note from a real analogue oscillator that tracks to your pitch, ie you can make your bass sound like a real Moog oscillator, or blend it in with it. There are tonnes of options with these so I'd suggest have a little youtube delve into all of the sounds they can make. This has only had studio use the whole time Ive owned it I recently had a chat with Phil Hartley from Space who said its all over their records. 

      This is a 2004 model in pretty excellent condition, these are increasingly rare and sought after since the Moogerfooger line was discontinued recently. Price includes UK shipping. If you have any questions please get in touch. At the moment I am not really looking for trades as I have an Alpher to fund!




    • By CalDeep
      Hey Guys! 

      So GCA are running a YouTube competition, the video with the most thumbs up wins a Plasma pedal. I thought this could be a good way of anyone thats entered showing their stuff and hopefully getting there views up. Or just sharing any other love for the GCA Plasma! 
      Here's mine featuring my NS CR5M through the Plasma and a Moog LPF. Im a big effects nut and this sort of thing is my bag. In an internet filled with Vulfpeck covers I like to do something a bit different. I would love to know what you guys think. 

      I have been using the plasma -> moog combo for about a year now and it yields some pretty epic results! 
    • By MarshallBTB
      In near mint condition, only used at home/studio, never been out on a gig.
      Comes with Swan Flight case, collection only / meet up (max 50miles) please!

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