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FOR SALE/FOR TRADE MLP Princess SC 6 strings, made by the Hungary Luthier Molnár László.

It's an excellent condition bass. MLP bass are famous for their exemplary finishes and craftsmanship, and for the sound who can make you think of the Fodera Singlecut sound.

This bass give you a modern, warm, and crispy sound. Neck is incredible...


Specifications :

Body : European Walnut

Neck : 5 pieces laminates of quartersawn maple and mahogany

Fingerboard : Kingwood (Very similar tonally to Brazilian Rosewood. Though it is CITES regulated, this material is allowed within the European Union and is a great alternative to Brazilian RW)

Inlays : White side dots

Headstock Veener : European Walnut

Headstock : 3 + 3 Shape, with engraved MLP Logo

Frets : 24 Siver/Nickel in absolutely mint condition

Pickups : EMG 45J on Neck and EMG 45TW (with split) on Bridge

Preamp : EMG 3 bands EQ Preamp with passive tone (Dip Switchs on the electronic cavity)

Controls : Volume Neck/Volume Bridge with Split/Tone/Stacked Bass and Treble/Stacked Medium and Mids frequencies selection

Tuners : Wilkinson "GB707" like

Bridge : MLP Bridge, a sort of fusion of Ken Smith and Fodera bridges

Strings spacing at bridge : Adjustable from 17mm to 19mm. Actually very close to 19mm

Nut : Ebony

Strings spacing at nut : 9mm

Knobs : EMG knobs

Scale : 34"

Hardware color : Black

Trussrod : TWO bi-directional trussrods that work perfectly

Land of Craftsmanship : Handmade in Hungary

Weight : A little bit less 4.5kg

Action : From 2.25mm under the B string to 1.75mm under the C string at 12th fret. You can go lower if you want

Finish : Satin Finish

For sale with hardcase.


This wonderful bass plays like a dream. Perfect modern sound, i don't keep it just because i already have a Leduc Maurad 6, so it's a little useless for me...


You can see all pics and listen it here  :  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rfRIHdIpHzJiZzyPGLNZ2nsvjPZdxH3x


Videos on Youtube :





MLP Website : http://mlpguitars.com/

Don't hesitate if you have some questions or if you want more pics or sounds.

For trades propositions, i am very open. All is welcome, Leduc, Modulus, P bass, Jazz Bass, Fretted or Fretless, 4, 5, or 6 strings... Just try me. 

Shipping OK, of course.


Now the Pics :



















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Some other pictures of this beauty ! 😄











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You can trust Vincent aka  @Rollo : there won't be a single glitch and his parcels are really bomb proof. 👍

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      A big potential purchase has come up and sadly I need to move on a couple of basses to help pay for it.
      UPDATE: This was £225 + courier...... Now JUST £210 INC courier! Need to move this on....!
      So, as a result, and using the last in/first out rule.... here is my gorgeous Archer KS3 Kasim Sulton Signature Bass. Not a lot of these around.... but a lovely feeling/playing instrument - lightweight with classic offset Jazz meets Spector/Tune/Bass Collection style looks....
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      Body: Ash Translucent Polyurethane (Black) Finish Neck: Top Grade Canadian Hard Maple Neck: Set Neck Fingerboard: Rosewood Scale: 34” 24 Frets Adjustable Truss Rod 'Kasim Sulton' inlaid signature at 12th fret “K” inlay on headstock Width at Nut: 40mm Custom K Sulton Bridge String Spacing at Bridge: 20mm String-Through Body Bridge Design  Electronics & Hardware Pickups: Custom “PSL” system pickups 2 volume, 2 tone controls The bass is in fantastic (almost mint) condition and comes in a custom shaped semi-solid guitar case (zip broken but can be easily rectified). At almost £700 new this bass is priced to sell at a bargain £225. UPDATE: £210 POSTED!!!
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      Please see my extensive positive feedback thread for assurance of a clean, honest transaction.

    • By Sven Holscher
      For sale or trade Kristall Solid 5 (from 2013 in great conditions)
      (New: 4.160,00 EUR)
      Bodywood-Basis: Walnut
      Bodywood-Top: Flamed Maple
      Neck: Maple
      Fingerboard: Honduras Rosewood
      34" Inch Scale
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      Neckshape: C Shape
      Stringspacing Bridge: 18mm
      Headstock: Front matched - flamed
      MagnetPUs: Norstrand DC 5 Set
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      Electronic: Nordstand 3B
      Hipshot Ultralites
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    • By Sven Holscher
      Kristall Big Room - 6 Strings (2018)
      -USA hard Maple Body
      -Bolt on Maple neck
      -Rosewood fingerboard
      -26 frets
      -33“ inch scale
      -C Neckshape
      -Nut width: 52mm
      -String spacing bridge: 16,5mm
      -Fretboard markers: white pearl dots
      -Pau-Ferro-bridge with Piezo-Pickup
      -Graphtech Piezo Pickups
      -Richter Preamp
      -Nordstrand DC Magnet-Pickups (60s J-Bass position)
      -Nordstrand electronics: Master-Volume(pp-akt/pass), Pickup-Balance (Piezo/Magnet), Balance between magnet PU, Bass, Treble
      -Pickup switches (single/dual coils)
      -Hipshot Ultralite
      -Maple ramp
      -Protection Racket Gigbag

    • By will4bass
      Selling this one is a tough decision really, in fact I would never have expected selling it, but times are changing for me and I am thinning the herd which leads to selling great basses that happen to be in the same sonic area as others I have. 
      Up for sale is my fat, funky, Fender-ish Fodera VW Deluxe Custom 5 built in 2004.
      35” (easy to play: no additional stretching compared to most 34” basses)
      Madascar Kingwood board
      Dove-tail maple neck
      Tiger maple front
      Mahogany body (I think) 
      4,5 kgs
      Seymour Duncan dual coils
      Dual action truss rod
      Some playing wear but overall in very good condition and technically 100%. Very solid bass, (low) action, string spacing (+/- 19mm) and neck curve anyway you like it.
      Comes with original hard shell case

    • By FEND3R
      1982 Fender Precision Special, ash body, rosewood neck. The color would have been Arctic White according to the catalog, but as you can see this bass has seen it all – I got it from the first owner - a session musician, who did play on it every day for almost 40 years and it shows. I do not know where to start with the roadworn part, but as can be seen – finish is worn almost everywhere, lacquer on the neck is gone in many places, there are numerous bumps, dings, dongs, etc. (luckily surface, no structural damage), pickguard is cracked near the jack, finger rest has been relocated, fingerboard and frets are also worn from playing, etc. etc. – all this is shown in the photos.
      Now the good part – the bass sounds tremendous, I was skeptical towards the Precision Special model and went to check it out only because it look extremely road worn (which in my book is always good), and walked away with it. The action is nice (truss rod has some more space) although the frets are a little worn (if you are picky there is room to have them polished/crowned), the neck has a very comfy beefy C shape profile. Best part is the sound – I admit that always use it in passive mode and it sounds huge – responsive, lots of everything - lows, mids and highs – a very full sounding bass, a bit like a 70s, but not so clanky. Active mode is also nice if you are into this. It is all original apart form 2 screws as far as I am aware, all relicing is natural, weight is 5,05kg, nut width is 42mm., all hardware and electronics work as they are supposed to.
      More detailed pictures can be found here - https://photos.app.goo.gl/WPTdiHeXBmHbDgPZ8x`
      I am letting go a part of my collection and keeping only the more vintage precisions. The asking price is what it costed me, so am not very keen on discounts. No trades, I am afraid, unless it is a well played pre-1974 precision or recent B-15. Also, if you purchase it and do not find yourself to like it – I can take it back as long as you cover the shipping and payment fees.
      It comes with the original case it was purchased with – Fender “Duck foot” Tweed case (sold more with Fullerton reissues) which is in crooked condition, but if you do not want it – I can knock down 70 pounds off the price.  
      Any questions – please, feel free to ask. Price includes shipping to most parts of EU. 
      You can check my feedback here -
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