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Easy Slap Bass For Beginners to Slap.

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Hi Fellow bass player. I hope everyone is healthy and keeping a positive vibe where possible?! 

I've had a little more time this past week to make several new You Tube videos on a variety of bass topics.


I am also delivering all of my one-to-one lessons over Skype, Zoom, FaceTime etc.

If you would like to book a lessons please don't hesitate to contact me through my website. 

Additionally you can take advatage of the many FREE progressive bass and guitar lessons, including quality printed resources.

Just head over to:


See you there and take care.


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Hi Darren, I've been playing bass since the Jurassic age but one technique I've never got to grips with is slapping.

I suspect a lack of motivation as it's not my favourite thing to do, or listen to, but some jobs require at least a basic competence. 

Here's my question : Why do I produce such a feeble sound when striking the D and G strings with my thumb? The E and A ring out beautifully, but the higher two are quiet to the point of inaudibility.

Makes no difference how fast or slow I'm playing, open or fretted notes. 

Any ideas? 

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