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Rig Fiddle and Rack mount.

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Decided to take a day of from my arpeggios and circling fifths. Instead fettled and fiddled with a rack mount set up. 

A little Heath Robinson maybe but I like it. I need a shallower rack case and one less high too but this is what was in the shed. 

All my 👆2k go through their own amp into a 1x10 with horn, and have their own compression and a smidge of drive. 

All my 👇2k go through the SMX into a 1x15. The TE has with its own dedicated low compression and other tone sculpting goodies. 

Not decided which amp will power the small cab if ever I get back out there. Just trying a few options. 

Apart from the sound, which is amazing, set up and pack down will be much quicker and although I gain a big box I reckon I'll lose at least one case and one big cab. 



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