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Left-handed Yamaha TRB5 Mk2 5-string
Brentford, West London

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I’m selling my Yamaha TRB5 Mk2 - I bought it new in Denmark Street in the early 2000’s though looking at the serial number I think it was made in 1999.

It’s a lovely bass to play, balances well and plenty of good tone options from the two pickups and 3 band active EQ. It’s never been gigged and cosmetically it is in great condition with no scratches or scrapes apart from one small defect on the very end of the headstock – I’m not sure how that came about (it was like it when I bought it!) but it looks like it got knocked and a small piece chipped then repaired. You can’t see it from the front or sides and needless to say it is purely cosmetic, so doesn’t affect how the instrument sounds or plays.

I’ll include a decent vintage-style hard case which is in good condition.

This is definitely personal collection only (cash on collection) -  so no couriers or postage anywhere – sorry.  I’m in Brentford , West London – and of course you are very welcome to come along and try it out.  I might consider delivering it myself over a reasonable distance for a bit of petrol money.  I'm not looking for trades.

Why am I selling it ? To be honest I have too many basses already and as I’m mostly a 4-string player this gets too little use (I have a 6 string Warwick when I want to delude myself otherwise). It’s a shame for it to sit unused -  it now just needs a good home !   

Any questions feel free to ask. Pete   










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