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Rebel Heroes Bowie Tribute @ Windsor Old Court Arts Centre 7/3

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Back by popular demand, and with yours truly once again on bass guitar, Rebel Heroes are at The Old Court, Windsor on Saturday 7th March. Over 2 hours of solid Bowie material, from Space Oddity to Blackstar. We don't do the lookalike thing, we concentrate on reproducing the original recordings to a high level of accuracy.

Get your tickets here. We nearly sold out the venue last time we played there (see above) - I'm after filling it this time!


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sorry but if you don't do look a like you're a Bowie covers band,  using an actual Bowie picture instead of  one of the band on the poster is a bit naughty, just my opinion.

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18 minutes ago, PaulWarning said:

sorry but if you don't do look a like you're a Bowie covers band,  using an actual Bowie picture instead of  one of the band on the poster is a bit naughty, just my opinion.

OK here's the poster art from the previous gig instead:


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