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Fender Precision Nate Mendel Signiture ( Original Badass Model) Hard Case Included *PRICE DROP*

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Up for sale is my Nate Mendel P Bass Candy Apple Red nitro lacquer finish 

It's a light roadworn finish but I believe its acquired a few more marks in its life ! Plus there is a bit of rash on the back too but it's only cosmetic, this thing still sounds and plays great, I got it second hand from PMT and the strings are still relatively fresh and the setup is great.

I believe they have switched now to a fender hi mass but this is one of the originals with a badass 2 bridge.

Included in sale is a hard case. 

I'm willing to ship at buyers expense or deliver/meet half way kind of thing within reason.

Very reluctant sale to be honest but I got caught up in the heat of the moment in a music store a few months ago and now the reality is dawning on me that I never use a four string and it's just going to live its life in the case and im looking to fund upgrades on another bass ! 

Open to offers.

Please message any questions or requests to try it out !








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Anyone got any idea how much shipping to Central Scotland would be?

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Hoping this sticks around a couple of days, by which time I’ll have the necessary funds...

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Did anyone on here buy this? I sent Feech a message, but he hasn't replied. Just wondering if it's still for sale?

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    • By StuarDaddy
      I have for sale an 80s Fender Japan 75 reissue Jazz Bass in 3TS stamped as a JB75-80 with an E740531 serial number. This dates between 85-87 but looking online more likely to be an 86 from what I’ve seen. I can honestly say it’s the best condition 80s Fender bass I’ve ever seen. There are a couple of marks as shown but they are insignificant. The neck is in perfect condition as is the headstock with no signs of leaning or balancing at all. The body i believe is Ash and the finish on top is flawless. I have taken as many photos as I can to reflect the condition. The action is low and fast and the neck is quite shallow, nowhere near as deep as my 73 Jazz. It has the micro tilt neck, the Bullet Truss rod turns smoothly and shows no sign of wear, the frets are perfect, the binding on the rosewood neck is immaculate, the neck pocket is tight as anything. I have replaced the black original scratchplate with a fender original tortoishell one which just looks cooler to my eye, that cost 65 pounds itself. The original black one is included in the sale as is the Hiscox hardshell case. I’m asking for £1100 as I haven’t seen one as good as this. It is listed by a friend on Facebook as I don’t have an account if you see it elsewhere. Selling as I’m saving for a 60s PB so no trades thanks unless you have a Pre CBS Precision you want to get rid of 😂
      Oh and it weighs 5.3kg as to be expected with these.
      Happy to post, meet or open to someone to safely try it out. 
      Thanks for looking

    • By davidak
      Up for sale is my exceptional Moollon Classic P bass. 
      Alder body, dark ebony fretboard on quartersawn maple neck, fiesta red nitro finish. I am sure you see where is the inspiration - Pino
      Bass comes from 2013 and used to be real workhorse. Thanks to this and ultra thin nitro finish it started to age very nicely - it has rather matte finish, hardware has great patina and oxidation. Everything you would expect from bass being as much as possible close to pre-CBS Fenders. Nothing shiny and museum-like here. Check pictures, MOJO.
      Lightweight at 3,8kg. 
      Bass comes with its OHSC and is located in Czech Republic.
      Price is £1900 OBO, write me a PM and we can talk shipping, have a lot of experience with EU shipping.

    • By Marc S
      As per title, for sale only is my 1982 Japan built JV Squier Precision bass. (EDIT: May now consider trade for a JV Jazz)
      For a near 40 year old bass, it's in very nice condition, with just a few light scratches and "dings" here & there (mainly on the edges of the body)
      There's a little light "blooming" on the Tort scratchplate, and light buckle rash on the back in the usual place.

      I recently had the frets professionally crowned and polished, by Dave Dearnaley the well known Cardiff Luthier.
      This bass sounds lovely and "warm" - absolutely spot on, nailing that vintage P bass tone. It feels lovely and "worn in / played in"
      The nut width feels much like any vintage P bass, but I think the neck on these early Japan FugiGen basses have a slightly shallower depth - feels very comfortable to me anyway (and I tend to prefer Jazz necks)

      As far as I can see, it's all original. Weight is just about bang on 4kg.

      I need to thin the herd, otherwise I'd be keeping this bass - but needs must... I have too many basses!
      So no trades please... but I may be tempted if you have a 5 string fretted Wingbass (maybe)

      Collection only from Cardiff - but I could be tempted to meet sellers halfway-ish. I've got Vox amp headphones so you can test it.
      I could also be tempted to let you have a good deal on an 80's (I believe) Roadworn Fender (G&G) Hardcase - which this bass looks lovely in

      Thanks for looking

      EDIT: I tried to show some of the light marks & dings - but the bass was too shiny!

    • By fclef4life
      Hey guys! I am selling my Fender American Jazz Bass Professional 5 string, in Olympic White finish. This is the 5-string Fender bass that I liked the most. I compared it to a Fender Elite series that I had (more expensive model) and this passive Fender has a more organic and vintage sound, as well as the low B string has greater definition and volume for my taste. 
      This Fender is in mint conditions. I'm the only owner, I bought it new in store. I have asked Xavier Lorita (professional luthier, whom many of you surely know) to change the Volume / Volume / Tone to Volume / Balance / Tone configuration. Which is much more practical and comfortable from my perspective, especially for live performances. Lorita also shielded the pickups on this Fender to avoid noises.
      This Fender has an Alder body, Maple neck, Rosewood fingerboard, 34" scale, Fender Single Coil V-Mod pickups. The bass comes with its original Fender hardcase, among other candies from the brand. Price €1450, no trades please. Location Barcelona, Spain.

    • By CJPJ
      I bought this new from Andertons in September 2018  (receipt included) spontaneously as I always wanted one. However, I have only played it a handful of times as I always go to my trusted Ibanez 5 string and haven't been able to revert back to a 4 string. It comes with all the usual bits including travel case and certificate of authenticity (plus a spair set of strings). There are a couple of small marks on the bottom back / lead edge but overall its an immaculate, unmolested and original example.

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