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Basslab Soul-V, Lace BassBars, ETS, Sold
Kaiserslautern, Germany

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Up for sale is this custom Basslab Soul-V. I bought it new from Basslab 2,5 years ago. It is a super lightweight hollow carbon composite construction and weights only 3,6kg! Price new was 3180,-€!

The instrument was played on stage and is in good used condition but has some dings and dongs on the backside of the body. 

Just recently the bass has been serviced by Basslab and got a brand-new coat of color on the frontside of the body.

The tone is a little bit on the dark side of the spectrum due to the Lace Bass Bars. It has more low mids than the typical Jazz bass single coil combination. But paired with the 3-band preamp it is pretty versatile.

The BassXX Preamp is a 5 knob design featuring Volume(push/pull for mute), Volume, Tone(push/pull for active/passive), stacked pot for bass/treble, stacked pot for semiparametric mids.

Beware: the string spacing around the nut is not 100% equal. This is an optical thing and does not have any effect on sound or playability! It just was manufactured this way. Also the paint job in the bridge area is not 100% accurate. See pictures...


5 string electric bass guitar, hollow construction carbon-composite 

long scale 34“, 21 frets on flat fingerboard, zero fret!

2x Lace Bass Bars humbucker

BassXX Preamp, 3-band with parametric mids 

ETS bridge MK2, String spacing 17-19mm

Schaller BM-light tuner 

Weight 3,6kg!

The instrument will be shipped in a stagg-case. It’s not top notch but will do the trick. Will ship to europe.

Sipping is expensive (50€) due to oversize.

Feel free to ask any question!







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Added pictures of bridge area
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As you can see in the new pictures there is a small misalignment in the bridge area. Again this is just a cosmetic thing...

All the best!


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Wow - what an amazing looking instrument.. That speaks to my inner Goth and lover of all things sci-fi! 😊


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Some more things about this special bass:

You can play it without force and with light fingers. You don‘t have to work strings like crazy to get a nice tone out of it. The strong mid and low mid character would be killer on any kind of metal! It is super comfortable on a strap!

Why I‘m selling it:

It‘s not my piece of cake actually. I like to work for my tone and fight for my notes. I wanted to like this bass so much but it turned out that I don‘t. So here is the chance for anyone having the same question to not spend a fortune to find out!

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