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Ampeg SVT VR Cab for recording/rehearsal studio

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Hi Guys,


First time post here so i hope i'm not doing anything wrong!


In terms of background i've played both guitar and bass for over 10 years but consider myself more of a guitarist, i have only played solid state amps for bass.


I've just got a good price on an Ampeg SVT VR - an amp i've always wanted to use and pretty much what i consider to be the gold standard for bass tone.


Now the reason for this is i'm soon going to be opening a studio in my garden. This will be purpose built and the plan is to spend enough to make it airtight and well soundproofed. Depending on the result i may rent it out for rehearsals (our town is awful for practice spaces) but in the event it isnt as quiet as id like i will just use it as a studio for recording purposes.


Now my question is: what cabinet for my SVT will be best to achieve a great sound that people would expect to get on a high quality recording? I'm assuming an 810 will be completely ridiculous and far too loud for a recording situation (as well as pissing off my neighbours).

Bear in mind i intend the soundproofing to work well and i will be doing a proper job (lots of sealing, lots of mass, 2 walls etc) and it will cost me thousands. But even so would 210av be a good option? Maybe a 410? I have all but ruled out an 810 but as i've never played through one i really have no idea what to expect volume wise.

In terms of recording i plan to use a mix of DI but offer the ampeg as the main amp sound in the studio.

Will the non master volume mean it will need to be even louder than a CL? Would i be better off getting a V4? I got what i consider to be a good price on the VR so i could sell it if it doesnt work out and not be too put out.


Apologies for the vagueness of the post but i was interersted in peoples thoughts. FYI the studio will be 2 rooms (live and control) around 3 m x 4m in size.



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For a home studio I’d say V4 and an SVT212 (which is meant be very SVT810-like) or SVT410HE should be plenty. I used a V4 into a 410 at a gig on a fairly big stage and it was n’t even pushed getting enough on stage volume (I’m not big on bass in monitors so it was doing it all).

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For classic Ampegness I would say a 4x10 hlf.

However if I was renting out a studio/rehearsal place I would not be using an all valve bass head personally. Every time you have to re-tube it is going to be a very expensive job. I would also invest in a back up head.

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ah, very good point about the rehearsal. just difficult to 'hide' the nice one for rehearsals. i do have a few cheaper SS amps for that. i got a great deal on a 4x10 hlf so will see how loud it is tomorrow when i set it all up! preparing for insane levels. not bad though, i got a svt vr for 720 and the cab for 275, cant complain for that price. will consider a v4 depending on how it goes, is the output a lot lower? are they like for like amps quality wise? what is the v4s niche/purpose?


thanks guys,




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    • By ToLo
      Here's what Ampeg say about this cab:
      400 Watts RMS 4 Ohms Freq response 50Hz - 18kHz (H x W x D) 25.75” x 22.75” x 17.5” Ampeg B410H Series 4x10 Bass Cabinets are quality two-way speaker cabinets suitable for all venue sizes. The cabinets feature heavy duty recessed handles, removable casters, and are built of void free baltic birch plywood. The jackplate features two 1/4” jacks wired in parallel, allowing easy daisy chaining from one speaker to another. Each of the jacks may be used as an input or a through connection. The three position HF Horn switch allows for:
      Full high frequency output (0 setting) High frequencies reduced by 6dB (-6 setting) Horn shutoff (off setting)  
      I'm selling as I have upgraded to a different cab to better accommodate my head. The cab has a few surface scratches (see images), but please feel free to test it out before purchasing. 
      The cab has 4 swivel casters for ease of transport, and has two fold-away handles for 1-2 people to carry.

      Collection from SW16.

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      Useful little pedal but not needed anymore I’ve had it 12 months and used on one gig comes boxed and is mint! Postage of course but add £5.

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      Only used this guy on a handful of recordings and at home. Times being as they are, he's gotta go.
      Sounds as you'd expect, it's an Ampeg tube head. Not gonna hold it's own in a 7 piece without DI and monitors but loud enough for low volume playing in a 3 or 4 piece. Great for recording. It can be used without a cab load too so good for quiet home recordings as well.
      Had the flight case custom made by Swan Flight (they since have them on the website). Enough space beneath the head for amp leads (will include the speaker cable).
      Collection preferred but happy to chuck some extra packing peanuts and box it up if you want to sort out a courier.
      Any questions, let me know.

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      Considering buying one of these in the next couple of months as guitar guitar has them for £75 brand new, although open minded to other comps. Just wondering if anyone here has any experience with one and can recommend or tell me to avoid them? Tried searching but couldn't find any threads on it.

      Should note that I've previously owned a Diamond Compressor and a Seymour Duncan Studio Bass.
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      Ampeg SVT-CL (early 2000's) from the time they still made them in USA... 
      One owner. Kept most of the time in flight case. Everything sounds great. Was cleaned and biased recently
      * flight case is not included in the price
      Shipping somewhere around £100 - P/m me with your address

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