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Darkglass M900 v1 *SOLD*

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Putting my Darkglass head up for sale as since I bought a Helix I’m no longer using it to its full potential, just been running it as a power amp. Great head, loads of headroom and the Microtubes engine is top notch. Gigged but in great condition. Comes with a protective case, intelligent footswitch, kettle lead, original box and a speakon lead.

Collection only or possible meet. Any questions fire away 😊







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Purchased a head today so looking for sale only now. Open to any sensible cash offer and happy to meet up within reason. Try me 😊

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    • By waveydavy
      Darkglass gigbag for 900 series amps. Very good condition.Photos to follow. ASAP. Good fit for a range of class d amps eg Mesa subway 800 and any amp of similar size.
    • By CalDeep

      Up is my Darkglass Duality in great condition. Its the newer mirror finish model. You know the one! 

      Its a monster of a pedal but I am simply not using it enough and have around 40 pedals now, so time to put on the big boy pants and cull the collection a little 😐

      UK Mainland shipping included in the price. Paypal Friendly and can be posted same day. Based NW but travel a lot, Im happy to meet up for a test / drop off if we can work it out. 

      Definitely would prefer sale but if you think you have something that could tempt me then let me know! Wouldn't mind doing a deal with cash your way on a Bass Fly Rig.....

    • By mikegatward
      Various pedals for sale, all are in excellent condition, boxed (unless stated)and velcroed ready to fix to a pedalboard.
      1. Cog Custom dual overdrive (basically 2 x Knightfall 66 pedals in one unit) . It has two fully independent channels, you can use A or B or one cascading into the other. There is also an extra jack so you can insert a toggle switch or control on/off from a loop switch, like the Boss ES-8. The labeling on the pedal is the original buyers nickname.  It is bassically a fully channel separated Knightfall 66 Bass Overdrive, but with cascading ability. - £150
      2. Darkglass Super Symmetry 115 GV Compressor £190
      3.Owen Elecronics Bass Bomb Driver. This is the last one of these Martin ever made. One of the best overdrive/fuzz units out there, does every type of gnarly, face ripping overdrive/fuzz without any loss of low end, a true holy grail pedal. also acts as a power supply unit, running up to 800mA of load. Runs off 12v centre positive, I’ll supply a suitable lead for your power supply. Not boxed but comes in a natty black bag £200
      4. Markbass Chorus/Flanger, 12v operated, 3 chorus and 3 flanger presets £100
      5. Polytune original white version £45
      6. Rothwell Love Squeeze compressor -  £80

    • By Mattbass97
      Darkglass Duality Fuzz - £110 inc. UK postage
      Perfect working order No original box but will be well packaged Shipped via Royal Mail "The Duality is a unique fuzz pedal that contains two discrete fuzz circuits—a gated saw-tooth wave and a raunchy high-gain sound—which can be mixed together to yield a vast selection of distinct sonic textures."
      Really cool and great sounding pedal - surplus to my needs!

    • By waveydavy
      Darkglass gigbag fits their 900w amp heads (and a few other small amp heads). Used good condition 
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