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I've bought a couple of strumsticks as Christmas presents for my brothers, I won't post pics yet just in case (highly unlikely) they see them!

Bough them of Tim Blackwood https://www.facebook.com/239545106941773/posts/handmade-madeinstoke-strumstick-dulcimer-madebytimb-i-can-make-these-to-order-st/239556086940675/

He makes them in a studio in Stoke on Trent.

Both tuned DAD, one  is like a dulcimer for my brother who (a) is fascinated by dulcimers and (b) uses music in his work with people with various learning/social issues. An instrument you can't play out of tune is ideal! The other one is chromatic for my Guitar hero brother.

Thing is, I've wrapped everything (is this record?) except the strumsticks as I keep picking them up. Sound is more like a banjo than anything else - I can just about manage a rough version of 'Duelling Banjos' and the Bonny Black Hare (and Thunder...)🙂

Fanstastic fun, I want one of my own... and a bass version.


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29 minutes ago, monicabrownb said:

Hello,This is monicabrownb kindly get back to me Please for a special reason I am Waiting for you
([email protected])

Quick @Stub Mandrel ! :o

She's waiting!

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