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Darren 1

Funky ‘busy’ Grooves (Jaco-ish)

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An excerpt of ‘in the style of...’

Check out the 16th note groove of Jaco in the chorus section from Come In Come Over.


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    • By Baloney Balderdash
      The bass ought to be a 2 string instrument!
      Anthony Jackson was wrong!
      All music without exception is far better off with the bass sticking to root notes!
      Tradition is there to be followed, who needs all them fancy new ideas, only spell troubles as far as I am concerned.
      In my opinion electricity was a mistake, look where it got us with global warming and all.
      Hell, we should never have invented the wheel to start with, it all went downhill after that.
      Just think about how many fires and deaths the discovery of how to make fire has cost us by now.
      Jaco who?
    • By FEND3R
      PRICE DROP - NOW £1980 shipped

       1990 Fender Custom shop fretless Jazz Bass. As you can expect from a John Page era custom shop bass – a superb instrument and one of the earliest Fender fretless jazz basses that I have seen from Fender (after the extremely rare ones from the 70s).
      As one can expect the bass has been played a lot and shows a lot of dings and dongs, patina on the hardware, etc., but is all original and in perfect functional condition: straight neck with more place in the truss rod to adjust (it is not maxed out), all electronics and hardware work accordingly, action can be set very nice and low. The bass is superbly responsive, resonates extremely well with great dynamics and the harmonics are just amazing – it both sings and does the “mwah” just as well. I have not made any attempts to renew the hardware (remove the patina), because IMHO it gives it character, but if you wish my bass tech can do that prior to shipping. Width at nut is 38mm and the bass weights 4,07kg. according to my home scale. It comes with a black tolex case, probably not original.
      More detailed pictures can be found here - https://photos.app.goo.gl/xzum76RP3hJfic3s5
      Why am I selling it if its such a great bass – I am letting go a part of my collection and keeping only the vintage precisions. The asking price is less than what it costed me, but can consider sensible offers. No trades, I am afraid, unless it is a well played pre-1974 precision or recent B-15. Also, if you purchase it and do not find yourself to like it – I can take it back as long as you cover the shipping and payment fees.
      Any questions – please, feel free to ask. Price includes shipping to most parts of EU.  
      You can check my feedback here : 
    • By greghagger
      New video lesson out. 
      If you want to play rhythms accurately and play with good time and feel, you need to understand how to subdivide the beat. 
      In the video I explain note values, how to break rhythms down and how counting 8th notes can help. 
      There is also a link below the video so you can check out the rhythm lesson in my Reading Music Video Course for free!
    • By will4bass
      Alembic Spoiler from 1989.
      Some specs: birds-eye maple top, mahogany body, 3 piece maple neck(through) with ebony board including OHSC. 32 inch, 2 truss rods, AXY pickups, Volume/Tone/Pickup selector, Alembic low pass filter with Q-switch, chrome Alembic GOTOH tuners, Brass bridge, just below 4kgs on my kitchen scale etc. This Spoiler has that unique Alembic sound: bright, full and dynamic, with a sweet flavour that comes with the years. I am the first owner (!) and chose this one over 3 other Alembics in the shop at the time and I played this bass from 1989 till about 1995. From then on it rested in it's case. It has been played but considering a 31 years old instrument it is in very, very good condition. Technically 100%.


    • By greghagger
      After hearing about the passing of Rocco Prestia, I had a night of playing his awesome bass lines. 
      He has such a unique sound which I found pretty hard to get near. 
      But all I same, I have pick five of his bass lines and made a lesson.  There are so many classics to choose from, but these are my particular favourites. 
      Hope you like them. 
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