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**SOLD** Warwick Corvette $$ RB 5 string

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Reduced price from £280 to £250. No it isn’t a German bass.

So, I bought this bass a year ago, and although it’s a nice instrument to play, and sounds awesome with the double humbuckers, for the music I now play, that lovely low B has become rather redundant.

In the last year, it’s had the frets levelled, new adjust-a-nut (which gives heaps of adjustment possibilities), new truss rod cover (though I was sent a standard corvette one, not $$), and about 3 months ago had the pots replaced; all these items are official Warwick parts, which I can show receipts for if necessary.

Now as it was purchased 2nd hand, unfortunately the previous owner hadn’t looked after it too well, there was a slight bit of damage around 11th fret, which was fixed as best as possible with the neck redressing, pictures are shown. There are also a few other scuffs on the body here and there, but nothing else that affects playability.

I am located near Norwich, Norfolk. Can arrange a meet up or courier if needed. Bass doesn’t come with a hard case, but will be packaged securely.

if you have any other questions, then fire away.

Thanks for looking









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    • By Fred Leicester
      I’ve had this bass for a couple of years, but it’s not getting a lot of use as I’m really not playing 5 stringers any more, so I’m looking to let it go...
      Just been professionally serviced and set up with new strings (Ernie Ball Slinky). 
      I’d be interested in trades for a MIJ/MIM jazz bass, I’m after a 60s/62 reissue ideally, also roadworns. Will add cash for the right bass/one of higher value than my Ray.
      Bass in located in Norwich (as am I 😆). I have a soft case for the bass, could courier as I have a guitar box to pack it in, or I’d consider delivering in East Anglia for the right trade/price etc! 😊
      Any questions, just ask...

    • By Joebethell
      It's that time, 
      I made a decision before christmas a bass I used to own appeared in the sales section I talked myself out of buying it back! I dont need it. I sold it while ago for a few reasons I didn't need the 5th string since I wasnt gigging. It played great but I dont get on with active basses! The band I starting practicing with had different goals so the gigging didn't happen etc...etc.. So as logic dictates I stuck an offer in and its mine again. 
      Now I didn't just purchase with the usual GAS I had put the feelers out to Mike at zoot about the possibility of working the bass into something special and it was positive enough for me to jump in. 
      It's not going to be a quick process I need to raise some funds and another project will be worked on and sold to justify the purchase/work. 
      So first up I need to do some fiddling on a DeArmond starfire I took in part exchange a while ago, the bass has been modded with pickups and they are a little close to the strings. Tomorrow I plan to lower them to get it playing better. 
      Stay tuned 

      So I started with the starfire today the plastic spacers the bass that were on the bass when I purchased it had been hacked at as you can see in the pictures. 
      So a new set were purchased and j have been sanding them thinner to try and get a better position! It's slow work as I dont want to ruin them progress has been made and I will come back to it. 
      This has also given me the chance to look at the pickups which should be Fred Hammon Darkstar pickups but I'm yet to find any markings 

    • By tvickey
      So, the Warwick LX5 Streamer with black hardware arrived today.   However, I'm not so impressed with the sound of this low-B string.  Have a look at the bridge photo... could the problem be the tapered low-B that Warwick gives you?  The low-B just sounds incredibly disappointing. 
      This fretboard is Wenge...  I have some Ernie Balls here that I could put on... or D'Addario tapewounds.  Think either of those will help?

    • By Gamble
      Rather sadly I'm just not playing my Warwick basses anymore so I think it's time they found a new home, so here's my 2003 Custom Thumb NT 5. 
      I bought this bass nearly new quite a few years ago now, it's spent more of that time tucked away in it's case than it should have so it's still looking pretty good - there's a handful of tiny dings here and there, I can try and get pics if you want but most of them aren't noticeable unless you're looking for them (if you see what I mean). 
      Custom options wise it's an ovangkol body with an ebony fretboard and a 3 band eq, I had the Dunlop recessed straplocks fitted by the Bass Centre in London where I bought it (if anyone knows Jimmy who used to work there it was him who commissioned the build and sold it to me). Comes with a very solid Warwick flight case and truss rod tool, and of course the straplocks to go with the recessed buttons. 
      Apart from that it's a Warwick Thumb Bass, pretty distinctive sound and looks, what else do you need to know? 
      Seriously though, don't be shy with any questions or corrections if you know Warwick basses better then me, I'm asking £1750 but as you'd expect the price is negotiable. 
      I'll consider UK trades (can't be dealing with international shipping I'm afraid), ideally with cash my way - I'd be interested in;
      Exotic woods/finishes/body shapes on basses, Warwicks with the pre '00s neck profile, Status, Dingwall, something unusual - 5 stringers only. Darkglass heads, barefaced cabs, Line 6 Helix, maybe a Headrush (I'll have to read up on them. 

    • By Gamble
      Rather sadly I'm just not playing my Warwick basses anymore so I think it's time they found a new home, so here's my 2006 Double Buck ($$) 5 string. 
      The finish is a bit worse for wear in a few places but from the front it looks pretty good still, nothing much you'd notice when it's on stage. 
      It plays fine and sounds good, just like you'd a expect one of these basses to - if you don't know much about them have a quick Google, you won't hear many bad words said. Loads of tone options with the pickup selectors, a friend of mine has one of these too and I can quote him as saying he's never managed to get a bad tone out of it. 
      I believe being a 2006 model it would be German made, if anyone knows different please correct me! 
      I fitted the Dunlop recessed strap lock myself (to match the Thumb NT 5 I'm also selling) as the original ones had worn out, I will of course provide the strap buttons to go with it. 
      It'll also come with the manual and truss rod tool etc, I'll dig that out and get a pic later if I get a chance. 
      Don't be shy if you've got any questions, I'll answer as best I can but I know there's a few guys on this forum who know their Warwicks inside out if we get stuck. Likewise, if you know I'm wrong on any of this it's not intentional so please feel free to let me know! 
      I'm asking £700 (was £800, now reduced) but I'm open to negotiations, I've had a quick search about online and all I can't find another one to gauge the value against - just the Rockbass ones which are £800 new, whereas a proper Warwick won't get you change from £1500.
      I'll consider trades plus cash either way, I'd be interested in;
      Exotic woods/finishes/body shapes on basses, Warwicks with the pre '00s neck profile, Status, Dingwall, something unusual - 5 stringers only. Darkglass heads, barefaced cabs. 

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