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SOLD - Sandberg Forty Eight 48 HCA (4 String)
Wickford, Essex, England

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A couple of months ago I was asked to dep for an 80's hair metal band for a couple of gigs. They do the wigs, tattoo's, pointy guitars - the whole shebang.

I happened top see this pop on this very forum at the same time (courtesy of @Bearfist) and thought it would fit the gigs perfectly - and it did.

This build would cost well over £2k if ordered today.

It's a cracking bass, but something has come up that needs funding, so I need to let a few things go.

It was just over a year old when I bought it at the end of October 2019.

It's in Sandberg's Hard Core Aged finish, so it does have marks, but they were put there by Sandberg 😀

Ebony fretboard with blocks, maple neck, matching headstock, zero fret, split coil neck pickup and MM style humbucker at the bridge position.

2 band eq with push pull active/passive (treble knob becomes passive tone control)

Aged black hardware which is not available in the Sandberg configurator for this model any more, so therefore unusual.

Weight 9.24lb's and it is the 34" scale, NOT the 35".

Comes with a Sandberg gig bag.



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I just priced this bass out on the sandberg site.  Unfortantly her majesty's tax office demands payment :(

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1 minute ago, bigdumby said:

I just priced this bass out sandberg site.  Unfortantly her majesty's tax office demands payment :(

Make me an offer 😎

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    • By iSeal95
      Hey everyone, here I have an original Jazz style California TM-5 from Sandberg out of Germany.

      These things are hand built and given a whole lotta love in the factory, Sandberg are known for absolutely killer basses, versatile and way more bang for your buck than many out there. This specific bass is when they still used the traditional Jazz and Precision body shapes.

      Trades: Ideally looking for a passive jazz or a 5 string P but hey, show me anything, I may be interested!
      Based In Finchley (LONDON)
      Body: Alder Neck: Maple Fretboard: Rosewood Scale: 34" long scale 22 Frets Pickup: 1 Delano J-Style and 1 Delano Power Humbucker PU Split Sandberg 2-band EQ Active passive Chrome hardware Tortoise pickguard Colour: 3-tone sunburst hardcore aged  

    • By loremil
      PRICE DROP: £850
      Selling this wonderful Sandberg California 2 TM4 as I am not using it much (spending more time with a Sandberg California TT4 Fretless).
      It has seen mainly home and practice room use and is in excellent condition. There are just a few very minor scratches which can be seen in the pictures below. It sounds excellent and can go from jazz bass to MM tones very easily. The preamp is natural-sounding and can be bypassed by via an onboard switch. Comes with a high quality Sandberg padded gigbag.
      Collection in Hackney, London or shipment at buyer's expense. Thanks for looking.
      Neck: 6 bolted / canadian hardrock maple
      Fretboard: 22 frets, Rosewood
      Scale: 34”
      Finish: Matt, Ash Body
      Hardware: Sandberg
      Pickup: 1 delano JMVC, 1 delano MCFE / PU-split
      Preamp: sandberg 2-band, active/passive, passive tone control

    • By JohnR
      Delivered yesterday. Sandberg California TM5 Superlight with birdseye maple fingerboard and abalone inlays. Includes Sandberg gig bag.
      £1,100 delivered in UK. I still have the original shipping box. Bought from The Bass Gallery for £1,629.
      Ordered six months ago but between then and the delivery yesterday I have set my heart on something else. The bass is stunning and obviously in brand new condition. Very lively sounding and plays beautifully. Incredibly light and it almost feels like you don't actually have a bass attached to your strap.
      I live in Glasgow and anyone interested is welcome to try in person if we can resolve social distancing rules.
      Specs. my_custom_sandberg.pdf
      Sandberg Configuration Code: CANT2-TM:BL-SL-5S-34-MF-RB-PAU-NOT-BEMPF-F-DTA-NOM-CRH-CLT-2EQ+SSW-TP-X-LH
      Model: Sandberg TM SL, Superlight lefthand Finish: Matt, redburst Scale and Strings: 5-string 34" (standard) Fingerboard: Birdseye maple, fretted Inlay: Front face dots abalone Headstock: Standard Hardware: Chrome Pickguard: Tortoise

    • By Ted Theodore Logan, III
      Now only £945... p&p available
      As new condition!! 
      In order to avoid alienating the “traditionaly sane" members of the Basschat community, I have arranged the following advert to be compiled in two parts. 

      Part One will detail; 
      · The item for sale
      · The asking price 
      · The option for delivery/collection 

      Part Two will contain; 
      · Mostly nonsense
      · Incoherent babbling
      · The ramblings of a mad man

      Both parts will be void of any humour (naturally) 
      and absolutely no content contained within Part Two should be taking likely and can not be held against me in my forthcoming sanity plea...
      Part One

      Item Description

      model: Sandberg California TT4 Fretless Bass Guitar
      finish: 3 tone Sunburst Matt
      electronics: Sandberg AlNiCo Passive Jazz Pickups
      controls: Volume, Balance, Tone
      hardware: Sandberg Locking Tuners & Sandberg Premium Bridge (matching black)
      neck: Unmarked Fretless
      fingerboard wood: Rosewood 
      scale: 34inch
      weight: 4.4kg
      case: Sandberg Padded Gig Bag
      condition: Mint
      price: £1045

      insured courier: £40 approx (location dependant)
      collection: Free
      part-meet: Cost of fuel

      Those interested in purchasing this instrument should completely and utterly disregard any further text.
      Thank you for reading.
      Part Two
      So basically, back when I was slightly more deluded than I am today, I purchased a number of Fretless Bass Guitars with the notion that I could master a Fretless instrument with little to no actual effort being made on my part. Needless to say, I was wrong...
      Whilst it might not be “Racket-Silence" or “Brian Sturgeon-ary" to learn how to play a Fretless Bass Guitar, I will come clean right now and just admit that I am far too lazy to continue with anything that doesn't go my way immediately or pretty soon thereafter... I wouldn't go as far to say that I'm a defeatist but let me put it this way; If I flip the switch on a kettle and it ain't plugged in... the tea ain't getting made! Same goes for if ain't got no water in...
      So anyway, I'm now in possession of an all-round awesome German-made Sandberg California Fretless Bass Guitar that just isn't getting played and even when it is actually getting played it's actually not getting played, it's just more or less just being held whilst I slide a finger up the D string and listen to it go “Mwahhh"... and then back down the D string to hear it go “Mwohhh"... I will sometimes repeat this three or four times before returning the gorgeous instrument to its lovely Sandberg padded case...
      To be honest I'm a little miffed as the sales person who sold me the instrument told me that “Sandberg's literally play themselves". I think what they meant to have said was “Sandberg's figuratively play themselves" because, believe me, this instrument does NOT play itself. Not that I ever tried connecting it to an amp and leaving it in a stand next to my record player whilst I played it classic funky Motown tracks in the hope that it might play along... Ha, ha!! No, that'd be stoopid!!... Ha!!.. ha, ha...   Actually, come to think of it, maybe I just didn't have the volume up loud enough... ... I'll try again tomorrow... 
      So I'm not making any promises but this instrument might actually play itself!!...
      The Sandberg is a passive bass meaning that it is entirely non-violent and fully compliant. It has AlNiCo Jazz Pickups, possibly something to do with Al Pacino...
      The fingerboard is Rosewood or possibly a Pau Ferro which I'm assuming is the creator of the material but it looks like Rosewood but apparently it's actually a Pau Ferro which I have no idea what a Pau Ferro is... But it might be the creator but I'm not sure... But it's actually probably Rosewood... Let's go with “Ro Ferro" 
      The hardware is black and all of it is, so that looks pretty cool... Err, it's also got a pickguard for those of you with really long scratchy “Nosferatu" nails or terrible “punk-like" strumming technique...
      Anyway, the finish is rather interesting. That's “finish" not “Finnish" though I'm sure the Finnish are also rather interesting... but in regards to the Sandberg's body finish, this finish is actually a 3 tone matt sunburst finish which is rather close to the tobacco sunburst finish but somewhere in between that finish and the regular sunburst finish. So altogether a pretty unique looking finish...
      Anyway, that's the finish!!

      Oh!! If you're actually interested in the Sandberg, visiting times are daily between 08:00 - 10:00 & 16:00 - 19:00 unless specifically requested in advance.

      *Edit: Enjoy the less grainy pics... 

      “Ooooohhh.... Look at that tasty, toasty finish & yummy, scrummy grain..." 

    • By TorVic
      Bass is in excellent condition, includes the original Sandberg gig-bag.
      Ash body One-piece Maple neck + maple fretboard (22 frets with 0 fret) Aguilar 4P-60 pickups Glockenklang 2-way 9V active preamp (push/pull volume knob for active/passive - tone knob works as tone control in passive mode (passive tone has a classic gnarly 60s P-bass tone and active bass a modern boosted tone) Sandberg hardware in gold finish (slightly faded over time) Nut width: 40mm Weight: 4.2kg / 9.2lbs (on hanging luggage scale)  
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