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King Tut

Pedal Sale
Milton Keynes

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Pedals for sale - all plus postage of collect from sunny Milton Keynes:


Tech 21 Bass Compactor - some scratches and marks on front. Velcroed - £60


Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus. Some light scratches. Velcroed. £50 - Withdrawn


Boss OC-3 Super Octave. Light marks. Velcroed - £55 SOLD


Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive. Heavily marked. Not velcroed. £55


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BSW sold

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    • By jbasst
      Hi all,
      Got a bunch of pedals to be moved on - *free postage within the UK*
      3 Leaf Audio Wonderlove Deluxe envelope filter - £220
      MXR Bass Preamp - £95 + original box 
      EHX Bass Big muff micro £50 
      Cheers 👍



    • By GIO 111
      I have a DP-3x and a VT Bass v2 on my board , along with other pedals. 
      I love the bottom end the DP gives but I'm looking for a warmer gritty sound for the harmonic saturation. 
      Would the Para Driver be able to do this? Does anyone have both and is able to provide a comparison?
    • By Deedee
      Tech 21 VT Bass - £55 posted
      I’d describe this as well used (battered). I bought it like this off the forum a few years back and since then it’s been sat on my board rarely used. It still has velcro on the bottom and although scratched to hell it operates perfectly with no bent pots or other horrors.
      The only fault other than the scratches is that the battery compartment door is broken i.e. it won’t latch closed. It hasn’t been an issue to me as I’ve always used it through a One-Spot power supply and one of the Velcro strips runs over the battery door anyway (which is how I broke it – taking it off my board) .
      Price includes postage to mainland GB.

    • By Mikey R
      Hi everyone,
      The time has come to move on some toys I no longer play with. I've no musical projects on he go at the moment, so this awesome pedal was locked away in my pedalboard flightcase and has been for some time.
      It's the very well regarded OC-3, in good gigged condition. Electrically it is perfect, but it has some superficial paint chips. I'm afraid I don't have a box or PSU for it, but it works just fine off of a regular 9v supply. There are two stips of velcro on the bottom, ready to be stuck to your board of choice.
      Price is £75 plus shipping, or I can meet you in York if you're local.
      EDIT: Dropped the price to £60. It's without a box and it's been used, so £60 is a better price for it.

    • By Thor
      Long shot but if anyone has one they're looking to move on.....🙂
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